Oh wow it's been a while since I updated

In Louisiana, it's warm! If a little cloudy and muggy. But hey, that's lady Louisiana for you. "What, there are four seasons? But I know how much you love muggy hot days, so I'll make EVERY day hot and muggy!"

But it's close to summertime, so I should force myself to tan some!! I'm so freaking pale. Good thing is, I tan easily. Just a few hours outside will last me the whole summer and through to winter!! My tan lines from last summer only JUST faded.

I hate tanning though. It's so boring. You have to just lay there, and keep shadows off of you or else you'll have a weird tan line. So I can't just play Skyrim outside. )): Yesterday was my first day of the year wearing shorts! People say I have nice legs. Eh. I have no butt though. XD

I finally caught up in Doctor Who!!! I really love this series. Wow. I cried for Doomsday, for Fathers Day, and I cried at The Angels Take Manhattan.

My favorite doctor is definitely Nine. He brought the series back onto its feet, and I will always love his fabulousness. I miss Eccleston; I wish he had more than a season on air!!! ):

Everyone says how much they're in love with Ten, and he was pretty awesome... But I'm not as obsessed with him as everyone else. I mean, he wasn't THAT amazing. I liked how he got all excited about things, and his silliness, but somehow I love Nine and Eleven more.

Speaking of Eleven!!! Haha I love him. He's adorable. Filled with childlike wonder and stuff. I loved the episode The Girl Who Waited. The way he was trying out different foods and spitting them out. Haha!!

Rose will always have a special place in my heart cus she's the first companion in the new series.

I LOVED Martha. Shes beautiful. She seems under-appreciated and its sad. She was brilliant and very brave and strong willed. I loved that about her.

I loved Rory!!! He's so funny and it's cute how everyone picked on him!! <3 and Amy was great too. I was really sad to see them go. I cried ):

Idk, I'm not getting into the new companion yet. Clara. I'm just not feeling it yet. She knows basically everything already, which is kind of boring. Also sometimes I think Jenna-Louise Coleman tries too hard to act.

Does anyone else feel like the recent episodes of Doctor Who aren't as good? Like its not as interesting. There's no gripping plot lines.

But my favorite companion is DEFINITELY Donna. Omg!!!! I love her!!!! She's got so much sass!!! For once, she's not a companion who's head over heels in love with the doctor. And it's refreshing. With her attitude and the doctor's personality, they complemented each other and were a great team. I loved the Adipose episode where they reunited. It was hilarious!! I was so sad to see her go. It's so sad what happened to her at the end of the season )));

In my 3d design class, we had to design a 'wearable texture' which basically meant we were making clothing and doing a fashion show. I didn't like that very much.... But I decided to make armor!!!! Like Fallout-themed. Post-apocalyptic. Here's a picture that my teacher took of me wearing it!!

External Image

I used cardboard for the shoulder armor, my moms old leather purse for the corset, an old shoelace, and some flexible metal mesh for the "chain mail" on the arms! How does it look? The whole class loved it :3

Still job hunting. Nothing has turned up. It sucks. My mom is mad that I don't have a job yet. She says she is going to kick me out of the house if I don't get one. But it's not my fault that they don't want/need me!!! Ugh.

I've also been trying to catch up in Homestuck!!! The first two acts were soooo boring. But it's finally interesting. I'm at the part where Gamzee is going on a crazy clown rampage and killing everyone, and Vriska and Terezi had their showdown and Vriska got killed. And like, everyone is dead. I seriously think the only ones alive now are Gamzee, Karkat, Jade, and Rose....

Though it seems like nobody stays dead for good in this comic!! So I'm not really worried. I've watched some cosplay videos of Homestuck and they're all so good!! I saw one where Gamzee, Karkat, Dave, Jade, and Rose go to the beach. The person who played Gamzee was so cute!!!

If you get bored with the video before it ends, skip to the part where Gamzee goes into the ocean. It's at the end. :3

I've also been obsessed with Skyrim again!! So I like to keep only a few saves on my Xbox so that things don't get too crowded. Well, I accidentally deleted all of the saves of Ra'jirr. All of them. He was level 64 and basically finished with the non-dlc quests. I was so sad. )):

So I remade him and so I have to do everything over again. Cus i wanna play the dlc content i bought!! but I wanna finish the main quests first. So I've been pretty busy with that.

My friend Bennett and I went night canoeing again last week! Well... tried. Before we even left shore, the canoe capsized. We went completely into the muddy weedy water. I was holding my iPhone too! It got water damage!! I opened it up and let it air out for a day or two, and it SEEMS to be all better now. Only problem is that the flash light won't turn off, which drains the battery. Also it just won't shut off. The battery. I try to turn it off and it boots back on. :1

This is after we got out of the lake!! We're drenched!!
External Image

Last week I had my Easter break, too! It was so uneventful. Ugh. We didn't go on any vacations or anything. I just looked for jobs the whole time. D:

On April 27th, me, Naquin, along with our pairs of dating friends Kristin and Michael, and Leanne and Taylor, are going on a triple date together!! It's gonna be so much fun!! We're going to meet up at a restaurant, eat, then watch a movie at a theater, then back to Naquin's apartment for a party and a sleepover!!

And last but not least, I've been drawing my friend Marcos' Skyrim characters in Adventure Time style. I'll upload it here when I'm done!! It's looking good!

Eneko out!