So I've been trying to find out what LSU is looking for in my portfolio that I'll submit to them to get into the School of Art. I finally found the requirements!

Guidelines for portfolio submission:
When the School of Art considers your application to the Foundation Year, the portfolio you provide should consist of 12-20 examples of you work completed during the previous year. Choose pieces that exhibit a broad range of your skills. Please include:
*a self-portrait from life
*work in both color and black and white media
*three drawings from observation
*Other works may represent paintings, design, sculpture, photography, prints, or crafts.

Whoo! I know what they want me to show them! Now I can start working on my portfolio! :DDD Hm. I gotta do a self-portrait? I'm guessing they mean realism... I'll have to start practicing drawing realism then. This should be interesting. They also say "from observation" so maybe that means some landscape pictures or some still-lifes? I'm good at copying down what I see, so that'll be easy. For the "other works" I can just use what I usually draw. Like that recent picture of Haxlia, for example. I might go through the pics and erase the Pokemon appendages though... XD

I really REALLY want to show them this picture because I love the coloring and anatomy job I did on it... but it's so... nude XD

I also finally tried scheduling my classes for next semester and check it out! I got in two art classes!!! Most of the art classes at LSU are for majors only (which means they have to look at my portfolio and deem me worthy to be an art major before I can take any classes), but somehow I got into them.

English 2000
Psychology 2000
Chemistry 1002
Art 1009 (Intro to 3d art)
Art 2055 (Digital Art ll: Introduction to Concepts in Video)

On another note, I've been going through another playthrough of Pokemon LeafGreen and I had more gijinka designs come into my head. Marcus, a bold headstrong Nidorino; Dakota or Rose (not sure which I'm going to pick), a fashionable perky Oddish; a near-blind, clueless Zubat girl; and Bo/Beau the quiet, sweet Sandslash. <3 I hope to make some sketches of these four and Isthmus (my wimpy Hognose snake boy) soon and show y'all! :3

Eneko out!