Heh heh

Okay. So I didn't volunteer the information that on October 30 I was working and feeling really sick, and about to go home, when an unassuming older-looking guy comes to the cash register with a can of beer. He doesn't look young and I feel so terrible with a fever and cough that I just hurriedly ring him up and let him go, without asking for an ID. Which I know I shoulda done. I always do. But not this time.

The time that mattered.

The alcohol beverage peeps had chosen that night to test us to see if we were ID'ing people buying alcohol. After I didn't do it, two officers came in the store saying I sold alcohol to a minor and I got a ticket for $250. Ughhh. I can't believe that happened. Then the next day, my store manager called me saying he did all he could, talking to the district manager (who is in charge of firing people) but he couldn't do anything about it. They fired me. Which I can understand.

But DUUUUDE. That job was great!!! The pay was great! I had huge checks coming! And I got to work alongside my BEST FRIEND.

Anyway, I haven't told mom yet, because she'll be mad at me for losing my job and she'll get right back on my butt again about finding a job fast. I haven't filled out any applications yet, though I've been thinking about places to apply.

Except last night! I applied to a Walgreens that just opened up two weeks ago near LSU, and today I went to pay them a visit and talk with the manager. And then he CALLED ME INTO HIS OFFICE FOR AN INTERVIEW. Wasn't expecting that. I did well, and at the end he said he really loved my personality and wanted me to work there. He promised me he'd call me in the next week, so keep my phone handy.

Dude. That was too easy. After a month of not looking for a job, the morning after I apply to ONE place, I basically get the job?? Woah. Crazy.

What I really wanted to do is work at a bank as a teller, I heard they make CRAZY money, but I think they'd like at least 6 months of cash register experience. Which I don't have. I have 3 months. Two at JoAnn's, and one month at CVS. But I'll still apply to the bank, and in the meantime, I'll be racking up more months at Walgreens so I can one day work at a bank and make bigger money. :D

That's it for money/job news, now for relationship updates! I know it's annoying to read about this on everyone else's blogs/worlds, so I always try to make it quick and not rant too much. So here's a quick thing. Tomorrow is Michael Naquin's and my one year anniversary!!!! Ahhh! It's crazy!! It doesn't even feel like it's been that long! I swear we're more in love with each other (and act even more gushy and like a new couple) than when we STARTED dating. *shakes head confusedly*

Anyway, he's gonna take me to Juban's, it's a hugely spiffy classy restaurant where I gotta get a dress and he has to wear a tie. We're pushing it back till after finals week, since we gotta study right now. But I'm so excited. I'm gonna find the cutest little black dress ever. And actually be pretty for once *W*

Okay, done with relationship stuff. Don't worry. XD

The drawing with Haxlia is turning out so well!!!! Since you saw the draft I posted yesterday, I made her hair bigger in comparison to her head, so it doesn't look like her hair is lying flat against her scalp, it's more poofy now. Also fixed her shoulder, and a few more little details. I can't wait to start the lineart. :3

And I just made myself a big bowl of french fries. Mmmmmmm. *starts eating*

Oh! Me and my brother Eric have been playing a lot of rounds on Black Ops, doing Team Deathmatch. I've gotten really good. I don't even have to camp anymore. I can run around without getting killed much. :DDD

I don't remember if I've said that I've been watching How I Met Your Mother, and The Big Bang Theory, and also Psych and Drake and Josh! XD NEW HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER EPISODE TODAY GUYS AHHHH. I love this show!

What else...

I got a lot more ideas for gijinkas, and even some ideas for outfits for other people's characters!! XD Every time I see a cute little dress I think of Kiiro. XD I really need to draw her.

I'm gonna stop this here!

Eneko out!