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About Me!

Name: Danielle; but you can also call me Dani or Eneko!
Age: 24 years old
Birthday: October 22, 1992
Gender: genderfluid, all pronouns loved!!!
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 130 lbs
Orientation: demiromantic graysexual, in a relationship
Occupation: I work for Louisiana's tax and revenue division!
Favorite Music: I heavily favor lyricless songs, but I like some wordy ones too. Cartoon, video game and movie soundtracks, classical, 30s/40s/50s music, electro-swing, older country, electronic, The Beach Boys, and Green Day.
Favorite Books/Series: The Ghatti's Tale by Gayle Greeno; Dragonriders of Pern by Anne McCaffrey; Tailchaser's Song by Tad Williams; The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien, the Kushiel's Legacy series by Jacqueline Carey.
Favorite Movies: The Hobbit, The Emperor's New Groove, Lego Movie, Finding Nemo, and Finding Dory
My biggest fandoms: top three? Elder Scrolls, Animal Crossing, and Pokemon.
Personality: People have told me I'm always super-happy and I am really optimistic about everything. I don't take anything for granted, and appreciate every little thing. Sometimes my honest enthusiasm about everything comes off as childish, but I am a mature person. I laugh a LOT too. And I have the hugest appetite, despite my small stature. Also I'm naturally intelligent, but I find it hard to concentrate on many things, and my memory suffers because of it too. I love video games, tv, Tumblr, drawing, reading, cosplaying, and eating. I talk to myself A LOT.
I Hate: the mall; smokers and drugs; Porn of kid shows or ones I've grown up watching; rulebreakers; I hate being wrong; I hate when people copy offa me. I hate the act of body-shaming.
I Love: my (deceased) cat, Peanut; I love feeling important to certain people in my life; Pokemon, Skyrim, and Animal Crossing are my top 3 fandoms. I also love: Adventure Time; Regular Show; AtLA; LoK; Steven Universe; Chowder; Scrubs; Psych; Fallout; Tumblr; coffee; EVERY CAT IN THE WORLD.

Other Sites I'm a Member of!:

DeviantArt: Eneko-wweh
Tumblr: Spoopy-eneko
Skype name: Nyarthy-kun
Livestream channel: Right over here!!!
Aaaaand, here's my Facebook account. You can have it! Danielle!!

Thank y'all, for one of the best birthdays EVER!! <3

Thanks to everyone soooo much for all the 'happy birthday's I got Monday!! I also got some guestbook signatures and also a lot of gifts to show off in my profile! Thanks so much!!! My 20th birthday was awesome!!

After school I met with my dad at the Verizon store and I GOT AN IPHONE 4S!!! Whoo!!!!! It's great! The screen is so clear and beautiful graphics!! It's so much better than my Blackberry! I got the white version, Naquin has the white 4s and I think it looks really nice. *nods*

After that, I spent the evening with my boyfriend, and we took a trip to the Dollar Tree to buy some pasta Alfredo and some potatoes au gratin! We went back to his apartment and I sat on the sofa watching How I Met Your Mother while he cooked me an amazing supper <3 the potatoes came out DELICIOOUUUSSS. Mmmm.~

Also today I used the $85 I got from my family to buy my birthday presents! I went to the Cartoon Network online shop and bought:
External Image
I've been wanting a Jake shirt!! :D

External Image
Of course, I'll need a new case to cover my new iphone!! And it's Jake!

External Image
COOFFFFFFEEEEEEEE. I have like 2-3 cups daily, so of course I'd get a lotta use out of a Mordecai and Rigby coffee cup!! You can't see in the picture but Rigby is pouring coffee from a pot into Mordecai's coffee cup. X3 This is from the episode "Caffeinated Concert Tickets"

They should arrive sometime in the beginning of next week! I'm so psyched to get them!!!!

All in all this was a great birthday! Can't wait till I'm 21 next year and I can buy alcohol, bwahahahaha =ewe=

Eneko out!!

Lack of a title!

So yesterday I finally got time to talk to my dad about what we're going to do about money stuff, and about my phone. My blackberry's been whacking out on me lately, and the contract's almost up too. It's time for me to upgrade, and dad says I can have an iPhone 4S! *dances* I'm starting to wean myself off of his support, so when he gets me the new phone for my birthday on Monday, I'll be paying $40 out of the $70 a month the service will cost. That's not bad at all, just $20 each paycheck. I'm really excited!!

I also got some ideas for Nyarth's next post, which is way overdue. I'll be working on that today, with any luck. I SHOULD be on fall break right now, but LSU decided to cancel our fall break to make up for the days we missed for Hurricane Isaac. Which sucks. Ugh.

I had another GIF idea that will go with my next post, too! >W< I'm excited to start on it, it'll be cute and hilarious XDD

I really want to just push the plot forward with PGR. I want to have a set outline of what we all need to follow, instead of everyone just doing whatever they want and posting about the time you went downstairs to eat breakfast and talked to some characters. I want some action, you know??

Also I've been following up with the MCC and have thought a little about a possible character I could introduce. He's a wimpy Hognose Snake hybrid, and his name is Isthmus. I've doodled some chibis of him in my notebooks at school, and he's so cute. XD

My classes just for today have been cancelled, so I've been at my bf's apartment, helping him and our two other friends clean up. They can't function without me, seriously. It gets so dirty over here. Tsk, tsk. Speaking of Naquin, in a few days we'll hit our 11 months! It will be my longest relationship to date! (not that I've had many hahaha)

Gotta go take my math test, bye!

Eneko out

Busy Once Again!

Ugh. I have had absolutely NO time to get on Tumblr anymore (though I've gotten about 4 new followers while not blogging ANYTHING on there) and hardly any time to draw any more or post in PGR. College's been so busy, guys. I have a Word document with an outline of what I want to post, but I haven't gotten any time to actually write it out yet!! And I still wanna finish that picture of Nyarth sitting at a desk! And I've had absolutely no time for anything except school, studying, and sleeping. @__@

The kinda good news is, Thursday I started my second job at CVS! I worked 4-10 right after school, and man. I'm used to 6 hour shifts. But at JoAnn's, I walk around a bit more, where at CVS I'm ONLY standing in ONE SPOT behind the cash register for 6 hours straight. Even though I'm still standing for the same amount of time, it's harder on your feet and back if you stand still as opposed to walking around. My feet and back hurt SOOO much. =__=

I work again today, and tomorrow, and then next Thursday and Friday, all for 6 or 7 hours each, so they're really laying it on me. I still haven't had any time to study for my Mass Communication test on Wednesday. And I hardly know what we even went over in class. This is NOT good. This grade won't be great at all...

But what can I do?? NOT work? I need money!! But seriously, things have the WORST timing. When I get home at 10:30 every night I am so tired I all but pass out in my bed. There's no time for studying. I suppose I can do the studying before I go to work today at 3, but that's still not much.

Also the rest of tuition for this semester is due in a few days, and I have no idea how I'm going to pay for that. And I still have to pay insurance for my car. Agh. I need time to just stand still for a second so I can breathe...

To Afton, I'll write my post whenever I can. Idk when that'll be though. But I'm trying.

As always, I love finding the good stuff going on in my life! So that'd still be my relationship. It's great and Naquin's wonderful. He's gonna take me out to eat for my birthday coming up, October 22. But that's pretty much it for the silver lining. :b

Eneko out!

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