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✿ ❣ Aloha | Hello | Dobrý den ❣ ✿
I'm SoulTag, I use to be a member at DeviantART.
but I got bored of it, and there seemed to be a lot of art theft going on there. So I wanted to start off new somewhere else. So here I am, I like making mostly chibi and paper children fanart. and I like making icons, ecards, wallpapers, Iphone wallpapers, banners and quizzes. This site seems to have most of that, so I figured I'd give it a go here.

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✎ ✉ --On a more Personal note-- ✉ ✔
You can call me Soul or Tag either way.
To be completely honest I can't stand my real name or the meaning of it. So there's a slim chance I'm going to tell you it. But I'm a female♀ born in the year of the Sheep羊, and I'm a Leo♌. I'm half Hawaiian/half Czech. I speak English, Czech, some Hawaiian, some Spanish. I was born in Hawaii, But I've spent time growing up in Hawaii and the Czech Republic. But I live in Hawaii currently. I work part time at a small grocery store as the evening store manager or as the evening office manager. I also work at a daycare and I occasionally work as a waitress at my parents restaurant. I have 4 siblings 2 older brothers, 1 younger brother and 1 younger sister. and 2 cousins my parents take care of, and I'm taking care of my friends twin boys. I have a male cat named Kikeke and my little sister has a male dog named Lokana but I call him Limu. I have 6 piercings and 1 tattoo getting a 2nd one in September.

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