It's back! I decided to bring my Beyblade fanficion world back, because there are a lack of Beyblade fanfictions on TheO...

Luckily, I've written a fair few fictions that can be put up on here... I'll only submit those I've written which are rated 'T' or lower.

I'll put warnings in the titles so you are forewarned what it contains, e.g. a fiction containing some boy/boy love will have ~(Yaoi)~ in the title.

To read all of my fanfictions, no matter what they're rated, please visit my fanfiction site (you can click on the link!):

A quick disclaimer: All recognisible Beyblade characters and other Beyblade-related stuff are copywrited to Takao Aoki. Any possible songs and lyrics belong to their respective owners. The plots of the stories and any possible unrecognisible characters belong to me.

If you can read my fanfictions, and give them hugs and favourite them, then I'm sure you can review them. Please remember that!


Roller Disco ~(Mild Yaoi)~(UPW)~

A/N: Well, this definitely IS an unusual pairing... Dunga and Goki? =| ~*~ Roller Disco ‘Dear Goki, You have been invited to the 18th birt...

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A Wii Competition ~(Friendship)~

“You won’t beat me, Tate!” “Oh, yeah? Just watch me, Michael!” Two energetic grunts came from both boys, as they waved the Wii controls around in the air, hitting an invisible tennis ball. Judy Tate rais...

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Birthday Boy ~(Yaoi)~

A/N: I wrote this for Kai Hiwatari's birthday (which was on the 2nd of August). It also doubled up as a request from someone, who wanted Tala and Kai to have some love. LOL. ~*~ Birthday B...

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Kenny The Stalker

Soft, ruby red lips, bright orange eyes, and the most electric blue hair. A body as slim as a model’s, and the ability to look good in whatever she wore. She had the voice of an angel, and overall, her looks were that of a goddess’....

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I Like Computers ~(UPW)~(Yaoi)~

Kenny apprehensively approached the door to ‘Speed Daters Unite’, and placed his hand on the door handle. Pushing the handle down, he slowly opened the door. This was the first time he’d ever been to one of these things, and he w...

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