Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from Pinoko, Ashton and Alphonse!

Ashton has siblings!

Alphonse, Ashton and Pino

Wow, a bit long since the last post on here. Ashton has been busy earning a bunch of different AKC titles including ones in Obedience, Rally, Herding and Coursing. Such a smart boy! The biggest change is the addition of a couple of new family members.

First we have Alphonse. He is now a year old. Named after Alphonse in FMA his registered name is "Dansen Alphonse Ready Steady Go". Like Ashton he is a red and white boy. What makes him very special is he has one blue eye. Very sweet, his personality is completely different from Ashton's bold pay-attention-to-me attitude. He is very cautious and a bit more reserved.

Next we have Pinoko, Pino for short. She just turned 6 months old and is a tri-colored little girl. Her name is a combo of Pinoko from Black Jack and Pino from Ergo Proxy. Registered name is "Dansen Pinoko's Raison d'etre". She is a firecracker and does not let her big brothers push her around. After all, "Pino is Pino!" LOL

That's about it for now. Oh, and if you get bored you can check out Ashton's Ein cosplay picture at Sakura-con over on Pinterest! Somehow it made it over there. It pops up in the Geek section but can easily be found under Ein cosplay via the search. My little web-lebrity!

Continue to Pray for Japan

Ashton wants all the people of Japan to remember to stay strong and remember you are not alone.

Stray Dog Strut

Jet and Ein

Ashton made his cosplay debut at his first Sakura-con this past weekend. Unfortunately we could only make it for Friday night and Saturday morning. Lucky for us we found a few Bebop cosplayers. There just aren't as many as there use to be. :( Our favorite had to be Charlie and his version of Jet. I swear, we caused some traffic jams with people wanting to get pictures! lol

Needless to say Ashton was mega popular at the con. Congoers, Sakura-con Staffers and even the con center staff all loved the corgi. Next year we are clearing our calendars so we can make it for the full duration of the convention. Ashton should love that. Hopefully by then we will have his Canine Good Citizen certificate and be well on our way towards his Therapy & Service Dog certifications.

Perhaps we should have an actual theOtaku.com panel...

Viva la Corgi! Vote for Ashton!

A vote for Ashton is a vote for otaku corgis everywhere! So, if you could not guess, I have entered Ashton into the Bissell Pet Photo Contest. The winner gets his/her picture on a vacuum cleaner box AND $10,000 donated to a pet charity of their choice. That is a nice chunk of change that could make a change in the life of a needy animal. So please help Ashton (Entrant #0100842) help others by voting on his picture over on the Bissell site. Voting in this first round runs from January 8th through 14th. Be sure to tell everyone you know to vote too!

Plus, wouldn't it be cool to see "Ein" on the box?!

Vote for Ashton today!