HELLO~~!!!!!! Welcome to my Dir En Grey world!! I'm a somewhat new fan I guess you could say-I used to listen once in a while but now I'm suddenly hooked! I don't know much about them so probably whatever it is you read in here that you didn't know-I didn't either! So we're on the same ground here! But if you're a hardkore Diru fan then feel free to message me if you want to be a guest poster so you can enlighten us with your knowledge hahaha ^^ yes I'm weird. But seriously, even if you barely know Diru or if you know everything there is to know-please message me about guestposting if you want!! So anyways, ENJOY~!

P.S. and please, no fighting over anything while you are in this world! ~thank you! <3Angel

DIR EN GREY TRIBUTE: by NijiahDreams <disclaimer-do not own anything!!>

picture I drew myself for my fanfiction of Kyo <3


haven't posted in a while so I'll post these two short vids

omg that look on his face XD

Kyo Dancing<3

lol this video is amazing:)


mmmmm kyo is delicious!! ;D i wanna bite!

diru 2009

recent picture of diru.. they're aging gracefully! sheesh lol

Kyo Interview <3

*points to title* :P Returns from the abyss of despair, the expressionist of darkness In this interview, Kyo would openly, for the first time, reveal his lifestyle and true way of thinking. We could, from it, get a glimpse of Ky...

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