HI there I'm Cynthia
I won't really have some specific thing to post about
I'm really just going to use this as a blog.
I'll probably have random updates of the most amazing thing thats happened
or an update about the worst thing thats happened.
I like comments. I like reading them.

Far from perfect.

My night is going really shitty but anyways.

I got inspiration for a new piece of artwork, ARTWORK not wallpaper.
I think it had a deep meaning to it and I'm sure you'll understand it if I'm allowed to post it on here.
I'm going to work hard at making it look nice.
I just need the right angle and picture to make it work.
I can picture it all now.

My night day has been going really bad.
My sister ran out the house ignoring me yelling at her for stealing my hair clips.
My brother walks through the door and we start arguing in less then 10 mintues.
Of course its over something stupid that I of course didn't start.
I left the tv on and he attacked me for leaving it on, and said if I didn't turn it off he would hit me. I told him to hold on since I was doing something and then he walked over and like slapped/poked me in the eye which hurt and when I said that he of COURSE said "that didn't hurt you, you liar!" WTF yes it did, do you have some invisible connector to my body that allows you to sense what is and is not painful to me? Fuck off!
He really seriously pissed me off we argued about stupid stuff the WHOLE entire time which ended up of course with me leaving and going to my room crying.
I feel like they always pick on me and I always have to retreat to me room. I hate that. And then I always have to look online to some picture or some status that really upsets me. Or some thought that makes me hate myself. I really get down on myself because of it and I hate it.

I'm far too sensitive, far too sensitive for what the world has in store for me.

TheO ftw, ap and minitokyo not so much.

When you think of toddlers swimming in the pool you don't expect them to be very good at it,however you do expect that overtime they will be better. Likewise there are various websites that allow one to publish their works in hope of acknowledgment and development as an artist. But not every site is as welcoming as TheO, they instead crush the artist hope for development and acknowledgment for their art.

I remember first hearing about this site called anime paper where serious artist gathered. I shrugged at the idea of joining, but nonetheless I gave it a try. After I submitted my first submission to anime paper I was anxious to see if it was accepted. Ding! New message. I'm sorry your work could not be accepted because it does not fit our guidelines. At first I felt a wave of sadness wash over me, it gets worst, after knowing that my wallpaper had gotten rejected I had been given -100 papers. I didn't know what papers were used for but the negative sign wasn't a good one. I haven't returned to that site since in fear of my work being to simplistic and not worthy.

I then heard of another site called MiniTokyo I thought why not give this one a try it looks different. In order to avoid the same mistake as last time I submitted a wallpaper of mine that was very popular on TheO. This time it was submitted and was on the site. I saw the notifications go up of people adding it to their favorites and thought to myself "I like this site". Four hours later I receive a notification saying my work has been quarantined because it was too simplistic, or there was already a wallpaper like mine in the gallery and other reasons that I forget. Once again have I been crushed by another site that is not accepting of my work. Too simplistic ran through my head, I like simple things but I didn't think my work was TOO simple it was just right in my eyes. What I don't understand is how works that are even more simpler than mine are submitted and not quarantined.

In summation, not only do these sites crush the hopes of artists like myself, they also try to conform us into a typical "style". This style takes away the uniqueness of the art and also the artist themselves.