Me and Cashe

He didn't wait, he just charged. I moved, but that failed. He just grabbed me.
"Oh!" I gasped. I kicked him in the chest, and he backed away. I landed another punch on him. Still stammering, he was trying to pull himself together.
"Heh, good moves, but you'll need more than that." He spat blood and spit.
"Oh, there is more, much more, where that came from." I yelled. I ran away from him, and into the maze. He ran after me, not fast, but with power. I got him to run fast enough. Ok, three, two, one... GO! I thought. I let loose of a giant, rusty, metal grave cross to impale him. It worked, kinda.
"S**t!" He was stabbed by it, but he actually pulled it OUT of the ground. The tossed the grave cross at me. It bashed be... Need I say more? Man... I hope I can make this...
* * *
When hopes and wishes reach holy status, I think God makes them come true not because it's so forced in front, nay to say that Lord himself is a pushover, but because many people will it and will let it overcome themself for it's sake. Like a roaring lion, a teribble song whizzed by my ear. It sounded fimmliar like I liked it once. It was showed off by the presence of red life spilling out from Cashe (for some reason, it felt good to spell that). I looked over my shoulder.
"Oh. Hey." I smiled a plesant smile. It was my little Pawa! "How cute of you to come save me, but please, stay out of this."
"But... Lowey... Come on! You can't be serious! Please-" Pawa scrambled.
"Non! Go! Ok?!" I yelled. I looked at Cashe, and he seemed decently uneffected by the blast. But I could possibly ponder that he had healed it some.
"Lowey... Whom are you talking to?" He chuckeled. Is he blind?!
"Pawa, you dumb fool! Who else..." I turned around, to where Pawa stood five seconds ago, and saw nothing but lovely garden. "What?! What the hell did you do?! Where is she?"
"I take no blame. I didn't to a thing." Cashe raised his hands up.
I angerly charged him, bringing just bark. He easlily grabbed me, flung me, grabbed me on the other side, and threw me to the ground. He put no effort on keeping me down with his nice shoes, sweetly planted on my face.
"Think, my girl, about steps. Or like stitching thread, you can't take at it to fast, or you'll prick your fingers. But that dosen't say to thinnk things too ahead." He kicked my head hard like it was some football or such. There was a thick ring in my head that reminds me of eating a thick gumbo... I bet blodd was flowing everywhere, because it hurt. I was weeping heavily. There is pain, like a punch or fall. But then there is that kind of pulling pain, such as a paper cut or a kidney stone. How it cuts deep in an odd way where putting it in your mouth and bitting it makes it feel better. I wish I had one little tiny bullet. My vision became red and I saw my world go black... Not because I blacked out, but because I had something put on my face...