Me and Cashe


To the balloon. To that balloon. Kept rolling over in my mind. I could see the blood rolling off of my hand. It was swelling a bit more and began to turn bruse- purplr or brown- color. I stumbled only a little, but me being so weak, I fell striaght to my knees. I heard footsteps from behind.
"Shinchona!!!" I heard a faintly fimmilar voice call. I turned my head... Uh... My head throbbed. I rolled over. It was... The face was too blurred... Or was it my sight that was too blurrrrrrred???? I fellllltt dizzzzzzzzzzzyy... The mannn channntted stufffff likkee thissss:
"Pride, roar. Pride, roar. Lion step!!!!!" he said. the world swirled my head spinned he held me in his arms this was cccccccrrrrrrrraaazzzzzzzzzzzie everrry thing is crasy a m I c r a z y ? I d u n n o. I b l a c k e d o u t. F a s t a f t e r w e l e f t. Iwokeupwithabadheadache. Ithurtlikemad. Iwasinaplushbed. My headache began to lift at an unexpected rate. I was in a nice, red, silk bed with a lush, tan comforter covering me. I was wearing a plesant, spreading pink dress with a nice matching headband which kept the hair out of my face. The room I was in had big windows, but instead of being in a place where you could actually look out of them, they were way high up. There was a fireplace crackling over in the more front of the room. I got up out of the room and walked out of the cozy room and into a long hall. Above were halls. It seemed to got up for miles with the halls like tubes. Like a body, there must be a route to were necessities can get to the needed place. I heard laughter and music coming from ahead. I stepped out and into a large ballroom. There was a huge ball happening. I looked at the large chandillier, the indoor foutain, the first-class faces. I hand fell apon my shoulder. It was Mr. Edwards!
"Oh! Mr. Edwards! It's been a while since that night." I smiled an him. His purlpe locks were braided and hung over his shoulder. His suit was tan and smooth.
"How do you do, Miss Shinchona? I hope you are doing better that when I found you. I fixed up your hand the best I could. Hope you feel better." He put his arm around my shoulders. I looked at my wrist. It was wrapped in a expansive silk and tied with a fancy bow. He chuckled. The song changed to a more slower song.
"Do you care for this dance, Miss Monsuta?" He bowed. I was suprised, but I aceppted. We swept out onto the dancefloor. I sighed, thinking about Pawa and Seraphi. Last time I remebered, they wern't in the best contidtion.
"Isn't this a swell party?" Cashe looked around the cheery room. I nodded absentmindedly. He looked at me with wonder. "Is something on your mind?"
"Just my friends. They didn't seem to be doing so well. I wonder if they are ok. One was falling apart and the other was stuck."
"Sounds like they are in tight situations." He laughed.
"Oh. I mean, one was litterly having limbs and thing dangle from stitches. The other is stuck as a demon weapon. I just hope they are ok. I've had a lot on my plate in a short amount of time." I looked down at my feet. He stopped dancing.
"Come with me." he led me outside. There was a large shrub maze that went on forever. We went to the entrance.
"Wait... Are we... Going to go throught that?" I looked into the entrance.
"Yup, right to the center. But luckly you're with the person who built this maze. Just follow me." He grabbed my hand and we ran through it. Right, left, left, forward. To many turns to count left us at the center rose garden. It was about a acre big and wide. Full of blue roses.
"I pride myself with these. They've been here even before this place was built. They are as blue as the King of Darkness." He picked one, managing not to get cut up. He gladly handed to me.
"Thank you, but I must be going." I gave him back the rose. As sweet and beautiful as it is, I must remain focused.
"Oh, is that so? Well, I will let you go, IF you can defeat me in battle. Just you versus me. So, what do you say?" He smiled gentally.
"I accept."