Welcome to Dead Frontier World, here you can find information about Dead frontier 3D. Dead Frontier is a MMORPG game and also a survival game. In dead frontier you can do missions, make friends, team up against zombies, buy cool weapons and travel further into the city.
The game website is www.deadfrontier.com if your interested in shooting zombies and survival.
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Please PM me if you need any help, I'll try my best. My IGN is haoliu
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Update: I am going to be posting less Epic and Legendary loots screenshot to reduce the amount of post in my DF World, it's starting to get pretty messy. I will post Epic and Legendary gears that I haven't looted yet.


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Hi guys, followers or subscribers.

I'll stop posting blogs on my Dead Frontier World. This is mainly due to hardship and stressful school life and thus, not able to gain the time to spend on blogging anymore. Also, I'm pretty much done with Dead Frontier since there isn't much anything new other than more "powerful" weapons and armours being released by Adminpwn. I just don't find it worth my time anymore, especially when I'm on my last year in high school. It has been very fun posting on this blog but sadly, I must leave :(
I may be returning in the future to blog on Dead Frontier World IF there is anything new released on DF such as new bosses or new locations or outposts. But for now, it's good bye.

My YouTube Channel will still be "pretty" active, so if you guys want, subscribe to my YouTube channel in the following link:

Also, if you haven't check out my latest Dead Frontier video:

Hope you guys understand my situation. And also, thanks you guys for viewing and following this blog. It has been a long ride from 2012 till now. I will not be deleting this blog as it may be still useful for some people.

Also, thank you guys for over 38000 views on my blog! I've never expecting to have this much people that are willing to take their time and read my blog.
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PS you guys are AWESOME! :)

Secronom Bunker OVERVIEW!

New 5th Outpost Secronom Bunker RELEASED!

Exactly what the title says, the new outpost has just being released!

Will probably make a video on the overview of the new outpost if I have the time ^_^

More updates are yet to be released!

REVENGE on Slenderman!!!

In Yo Face B**ch!

GAU-19 vs Black Titan without DRUGS!

Yeah, an epic video of me fighting the BT with a GAU-19 without drugs, an insanely intense battle.