Welcome to my world, after about two years I finally made one. Here you will find my story ideas and other things that I'm sure when I look back on in the future, I will be embarrassed. I'm going into liberal arts at college, so writing will become a big thing in my future, hopefully.

If you think I should go ahead and write a story, please leave a comment. I may decide to write it if enough people, or someone really wants to see it written. It will be posted here or another world if I decide to make another.

These are STORY IDEAS, if they sound really unfinished or something, its because THEY ARE. This is what my teacher calls brain storming, more for me to use as ideas. The posts will have character intros, scenes which I think will give me motivation and sound pretty cool, and a TL;DR (too long, didn't read) short ass summary for you.

Thank you for looking :3

how do i story

I've got so many fun story ideas but damnnnnn son. I'm lazy.

I guess I can blame the schools that gave me those anxiety filled assignments most nights. Its not REAAALLY their fault but it takes all the fun out of writing. I mean who the FUCK wants to write and essay on a president or that really shitty book you made us read over the past month? I mean, ok... fair enough. We did spend most of our time in class reading... where I gladly zoned out till the bell rang. THAT was acceptable, and I'd gladly write a shitty paper for all that free time. But JEEEEZ. Why do some of these teachers give the crappiest stuff to write about.

I could go back and fourth attacking and defending terrible writing assignments, but the truth is... if its not fun to write, then you're most likely going to make a worse grade on it.

With wisdom comes indecision. Maybe people get so caught up in writing something fun that they forget grammar? Screw it. Its FUN. FUN SHIT lets you LEARN MORE. Makes a bigger impression.

Annnnyway, I'm not sure where I was headed with that. I replied to a few texts in between that paragraph so I'm not quite sure what my path of thinking was. I'm sure it was to talk about how school made me really not enjoy writing as much as I should have. Which is why you haven't seen a story on this world in... well ever.

I've got plenty of ideas and characters to pit against my imagination, but I get discouraged and go play Skyrim or watch Youtube.

I did however have one small story where it was like Yu Yu Hakusho (Fun anime btw. It was my childhood lol) but a more darker version. The plateau of that series was the Dark Tournament. The protagonist team had to fight against several teams to win their freedom. Which the antagonist team pretty much stuffed them into it without their choice. Its a show about a Spirit detective who kills demons and what not, and so yes, the tournament is full of demon teams and spectators. The protagonists were not liked very much, and were very unfairly treated (the tournament staff made them fight two whole matchs in a day). In a life or death situation, that can be a death sentence.
My ideas I had would be somewhat similar.
It wouldn't be as elaborate as the show, but I would just need a good fighting story since I haven't done that stuff since high school.
One scene I had was my favorite guy biting some guys neck and ripping it out. He would have bit so hard it broke his jaw and would have had to wrap it up for a while and couldn't talk. He'd be a bit of a crazy bastard in his fights when they got tough. He has a bit of a problem and cant control his anger when he feels his friends are going to die. Seemingly enough he can hold back just fine when the fights are 1v1 and its his friends turn.
I guess the penalty of death for interfering might help ballast that bit.

Ok, ok. I really like that character and that's why hes been stuck in my head.
I love... LOVE getting angry sometimes. It just feels good doesn't it? That rush of adrenaline and that burning feeling. Hubba hubba -u-
..Ahem. Yes. So. My friends always used to tell me that when I had my anger problems back in high school, I would get amazing at fighting games when I went into my SUPER DANGER ANGER MODE and would usually rip ass.
Its kinda neato because people usually say that you're supposed to make a lot of mistakes when angry, but hOW CAN YOU WITH 50 GALLONS OF HOT N' HEAVY ADREANALINE PUMPING INTO YOUR MEATY SPONGE?? I mean CMON

I really need to get my gf to kick me in my ass to get me to write a story of some kind.

Thanks for reading~ I'll update again soon if possible.


Sorry I haven't written anything here in... well never. I haven't really cared about writing actual stories for quite some time. Its not to say I don't have any ideas. I'm just lazy and well... there's Youtube and anime to be watched.

Below is just some shitty idea I had for a story. Don't read it because its crap and I don't really wanna get into it.

Anyway. Had a story about some guy why moved to this big city. Hes kinda unimportant at first. The story focuses on several other characters, all affected by one of the seven deadly sins (How original). If I wrote it I'd be focusing on how they interact with them. Because they hold a lot of power in the city. One is his boss. A lady. Blah blah blah. I can only imagine how boring this sounds to read, but its much more interesting if written out.

Soooo, the protagonist has to pretty much kill them all. Because they aint normal humans. Not quite demons either, but they are connected with hell itself.

There is of course a guide who tells him what he should do. I figured I would dip into that harem-esque part of anime where the girl follows the guy around and is basically his pet (I'm not sexist I swear xD).

Near the end, the protagonist has to confront an Angel who for some reason has to kill the protagonist because he has been absorbing the power of the dudes hes killed. I haven't gotten that far yet and Id just like to leave it open for now.

I've had plenty of scenes I could type out but I haden't really planned to write this story. Because its sorta garbage. If I decide to brainstorm some day, I'll put some more ideas here.

ORRR, if you're a sadist, you could tell me a story idea and I might make a short story out of it. Just a few points from the story and... yapz.

Wellll see ya later and have a nice day.

2nd Story Idea 2/18/2014

Story will not be completed, deadline missed for submission.

Idea #2 Ok well... this came to me when I woke up and I think it'll be the story I use for a writing competition a while from now. Its a science fiction/romance. This story is heavily influenced from a anime I watch, but I'll tell you what it is down below to see if you can guess right. xD

Story is based in the far future, where space travel throughout the solar system is now a real thing. As such, there are great marvels and many great things that has accomplished in the future. The cure for cancer, the end of world starvation, Gods in his Heaven, and all is fine on Earth. Humans are one thing that has not, and will never change. War. One of mankind's ways of keeping its population from reaching to critical masses, one might say, is in full swing throughout the planets where humans have colonized in a expedition to explore the cosmos. Its a war of race. Yes, humans will never change.


The story follows a boy and a girl from the era. The girl comes from a very wealthy family (Race undecided, maybe American) and the boy meets this girl unexpectedly in the story. They fall in love throughout the story, but the love does not last because the boy is sent off to war.


Boy (Name undecided) He will be of Japanese/American origin. The history of Earth has changed in the story, and China has annexed Japan (And other smaller nations surrounding it) because of its mighty military power. America and China were still the only two remaining super powers, war was inevitable from China's side. America's actions were not known to the American public itself, so the start of the Chinese American war was something that was not easily understood by most Americans because of the corrupted information flow their government allowed the public to see. The boy being followed is an army brat. His father died in war, his mother he head no idea. Two years out of high school, he had run from military training because he did not want to suffer the fate of his father.

The girl (No name yet) is from one of the richest families in the U.S., they live next to a military base under protection of the US government. She is the daughter of a devious weapons contractor for the military, spawning several incidents in the story. The girl is the same age as the boy. She appears to think of herself as high and mighty, being spoiled for the most part of her life. This is not the case early on, shes very fragile and sweet on the inside. All she had been taught was to be the daughter of a very successful man, she only developed a mask over her true personality.

Ideas / Scenes

The first two meet along a fence line, separating the two from each other. The boy is inside the military base while the girl happened upon whilst walking. The girl had no intention of ever talking to him, in fact she had barely noticed him in his dark green jumpsuit. She was wearing all white, with a white parasol in her hands. Their paths never would have crossed again if she hadn't noticed him. The boy sitting comfortably against the chain-link fence was looking at something on his finger. It was a bird. This bird becomes a powerful symbol on the story between them. Upon closer inspection after speaking to the boy, she notices its not a real bird. But a robot. Bright green. It moved just like a real bird. She had never seen anything as realistic as this even with what was on the market. (I'll have to brainstorm more on this later. Barred for time as I'm writing this xP)

Summary TL;DR

2115 - The era for space exploration has begun, another war is on the horizon as a stressed loved between a soldier, (boy), and (girl), daughter of a multi-trillionaire weapons contractor fall into a forbidden love.

1st Story Idea 1/19/2014

Idea #1. Came to me while I was listening to a song... which seems to happen often. It was the reason I decided to make this world, to keep up with it.

This story will be a bit of a harem. Guess I've been watching too many of them lately... u3u (No names of yet because I don't see the need to name them yet)

The protagonist will be a boy in high school, about 17~18. Dark brown hair and a medium build. Not too athletic but makes pretty good grades. He lives alone, his parents living somewhere else and paying for his school. (Kinda want to imagine this is in the US, but because of the anime Ive been watching I can't help but picture this in Japan x.x) Hes more of your run-of-the-mill type of guy. Nothing too special, but hes a quick thinker.

There are a few girls around him in the harem... Not sure how many to include. The protagonist has a crush on one in his class. Shes about his height, long brown hair and attractive. Also wears big round glasses! Shes got a pretty nice bust too =u= Not very athletic but shes the top student in the class. She helps him study for tests occasionally, visiting his apartment on the weekends at times to help. She secretly has a crush on him too, but would never admit it. Past is yet to be decided, think she should have parents who treat her as if shes not there...

Another girl is a sister-like girl. Goes to another school nearby. Her crush is obvious but the protagonist sees it as cute and more of a brother-sister relationship. She hangs out with him the 2nd most, the 1st being the antagonist. She has long thin pig-tails with black hair. Shes calls him onii-chan quite a lot, also understands that she shouldn't date him because of the age difference, but longs to do so.

The antagonist will be the star of the story pretty much. She is introduced 1/3 of the way in as a transfer student. She is a succubus and for some reason is drawn to the protagonist. She is very beautiful and gets loads of attention from every boy at her school. She acts like she likes it in public, but when another guy approaches her in private, she pretty much is a huge bitch and drains them of energy (not through sex) and nearly killing them. She attempts to confess to the protagonist at one point, but is turned down because of his crush. This confuses her greatly because of her powerful charm and lust powers. It enrages her and she brutally stabs him in the chest with her weapon she carries.

(Gonna say it probably a trident, she makes it appear through some sort of magic) Although when she stabs him, hoping he would die, he doesn't. She then understands why she was drawn to him so strongly. She forces him to 'date' her in order to find a way to take his power that he was unaware of having. She forces him saying that she will kill everyone dear to him unless he does this. At first she just wanted him to give his power to her, but he had no idea he had it, much less how to get rid of it. She is extremely devious, trying to scare away the other girls in his harem. Although not super accustomed to the modern world because the last time she was on earth was 200 years ago.

...Well. The next girl is just the typical childhood friend. She causes the most problems for the antagonist because she knows him very, very well. At times its like she knows whats going on. She also lives next door and walks to school with him. She spends the 3rd most amount of time with him. Im not sure what hair color to give her. She's fairly pretty, medium to small bust. (Yes bust is important xD) Shes very athletic, hair is a bit unkempt. She has a very serious side to her and is very smart, just not book smart. Able to outwit the antagonist most of the time.


I guess this is the part of the page where I'll put the 'big' story ideas that I think will get me motivated to write. Mayyyy put some dialogue at times.

The antagonist will propose to the protagonist at the summer festival (Ok I guess it is in Japan now...) She will be in a grey and red kimono, maybe maple leaves as the design. (Yes its funny to have a fall leaf design as a summer kimono, but its pretty dammit!) The two will be on a hill watching fireworks alone. She knows the hill from 200 years ago maybe. She does the cute lovey dovey stuff, like moving her hand to his. This makes him a bit uncomfortable, but doesn't show it to her. After talking some she confesses to him and leans in asking him to kiss her. He turns away and tells her he already has a crush. He stand up and gives her his hand to stand up, the fireworks are over. She grabs his hand and stands up, he starts to walk off to go to the festival stuff down below the hill. She looks down, having never been turned down before. She gets extremely angry and creates a trident, stabbing him through the heart with his back turned. This is ofcourse where she finds out hes unkillable.


The antagonist can make her tail appear at will, she controls the protagonist rarely to keep a situation under control. Her tail can reach up to a decent length, she uses it to talk to his parents when they visit. Sneaking the tail in between the couch to him, attaching it to his spine.


He has an experience where he gets dropped down onto a large drill type device in the darkness. Shadow arms appear from the darkness and grab his limbs tight, almost breaking them. The drill starts up and churns his insides onto drill. Its the antagonists doing, not sure why she would, maybe as punishment?


Also there be a spoiler here, its the ending of the story if I do decide to write it.

He gets a hold of some godly weapon able to defeat demons, from one of his harem friends. He ends up cutting her head off after she tries to kill the girls in his harem. She figures out how to actually kill him in that battle, but doesn't do it in time. He chops her head off. With her last bit of power, shes able to keep alive while he holds her head in his hands. Its supposed to be a sad moment even though shes the villain. She confesses that she really did end up loving him and even though she did those things, she wished she didnt need his power so bad, and could actually stay with him. She asks him to kiss her one last time, and he does. (Yes her decapitated head)


TL;DL (This is gonna be where I keep the short ass summaries for people who don't have time or didn't care to read all this drivel)

The story follows (protagonist), your average high school student with his harem of girls. (Antagonist), a yandere succubus interrupts the harem and wishes to obtain the boys hidden power of invincibility.