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Ghost Lore

Yūrei (幽霊?) are Japanese ghosts. The name consists of two kanji, 幽 (yuu) meaning faint or dim and 霊 (rei) meaning soul or spirit. Alternative names include 亡霊 (Borei) meaning ruined or departed spirit, 死霊 (Shiryo) meaning dead spirit, or the more encompassing 妖怪 (Yokai) or お化け (Obake).
According to traditional Japanese beliefs, all humans have a spirit or soul called a 霊魂 (reikon). When they die, the reikon leaves the body and is thought to enter a form of purgatory, where it waits for the proper funeral and post-funeral rites to be performed, so that it may join its ancestors. If this is done correctly, the reikon is believed to be a protector of the living family and to return yearly in August during the Obon Festival to receive thanks.

This is a game called fatal frame. Based off of japanese ghost legends and such. There's a new movie out called shutter and I'm pretty sure it's based offa' this. Anyways thought I would post something interesting (plus i like scary things) bye bye :D