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Thousand Foot Krutch - Move (Probably my fav band)


So I bought a Zune this week...but my USB ports wont recognize that it's plugged in! So I can't get music on here until I figure this out... -_- Also Miss Crimson has been TRYING to do some art..but usually I get half way through a piece and it gets scrapped *sigh*. I also get distracted being around my cousin lol He's sucha' blast and not to mention my best friend in ways. We hooked up the old N64 and played Mario while eating rice outta' authentic rice bowls with chopsticks :D gah....so much fun

Question time!
What's ur idea of an awesome night to hang with ur bestie?

To break

This post is just something I think I needed to write because I feel like I have a burden that is getting heavier and I'm too frail to carry it. Only a few mins ago I got a phone call informing me that my uncle is dying in the nursing home, not that I didnt know he had long to live, its just alot of things are going wrong and I'm tired of pretending I'm happy all the time. To put it simply I need prayer and I need it all the time, I'm tired of living in this dreamworld I made up where everything around me is all well and good, I just built it up when I was a kid because the real world was too hard to deal with. I don't mean to portray myself as always depressed, but its not hard for me to be so. Just please lend me your prayers and thats all I ask.

~Signed Kurimason


So I was browsing the top fan art on the otaku and I must say the best stuff is tucked away on the 2nd page! No offense to the top fanart artists, BUT you otaku people can't vote worth diddly squat!...or maybe I'm missing the picture here. There are things I like about some of the top fanart, but I dont believe that they deserve that spot. Iruka Sensei has been a long time friend that I believe usually gets a top spot...but geez..spare me people. Plain and simply...you guys OVER vote for some pictures.

~Signed Kurimason

8 things

Well my friend John 3:16 tagged me in this thingy of 8 random things about you....so here they be!

1. I don't like to sleep, I try to stay up as much a possible

2. I study legends and lore involving Japanese Ghost tales

3. I luv butterflies...they never used to be my favorite but they are becoming so

4. Im an assistant youth leader 0_O yeah baby

5. I collect books from the 1900's AND i actually read them all too, *sweatdrop*..I'm an 'old woman'

6. I work as an event usher at my college so I get into conventions and concerts for free, HIZZAH!

7. If anybody doesn't know by now, I'm a redhead and proud to be so!

8. UH..for one of my biggest gaming achievments..I beat zelda backwards 0_O..yes it can be done, you can play temples in the wrong order, heh, I got most items late.

So I tag anyone who wants to do this I guess. Bye!

Signed Kurimason


I read through old comments on here and laugh, to think I ask for them but discard them so easily. I like to remember them though. This is mainly just me jabbering on a post, not like anyone reads these anyways. For the most part I'm happy with my art, but there are days where I feel like I shouldn't even call myself an artist...*phfft* funny how small things get to me. I think better days are ahead, I just wish someone would believe in me for once. Well bye! (if anyone peeks at this)