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Thousand Foot Krutch - Move (Probably my fav band)


forget by ~thenshesaid forget my name. you don't need to recall it. erase it from your vocabulary. it's just a meaningless arrangement of letters. forget my face. there's no need for recognition. blur my...

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Quiz Thingy *thanks yuri kun*


WELL HI THERE!!!! I'm out of college for summer and ready to jump or some original works or actaully.....some are already finished :) They just need to be shaded. Check out my new one too for WaywardWarrior's Contest.
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Okie well I should post more soon :D Feel free to always pm me.
BYES!! ~ Kurimason ~

Ok for realz :)

I for realz have artwork to put up now! But I have to scan it when I go back to my college since im on springbreak ^___^ I hope you guys are doing great as well! Hopefully this lil' lady wil make a come back.


SO yes..Imma still alive and hit with some pretty major design opportunities at my school SO that means I might not have stuff up until summer. I don't post too much cause I feel like I'm giving costant excuses..lol I'm trying to do some of my old stuffs like manga pics and screenshots, hopefully get some of that scanned. Anywho, I've been decently homesick lately and found out the ceiling of my dad's house fell in 3 rooms of the house, that was a nasty dent in finances regardless....so YEAH IM TRYING :) bare with me somemore...