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Thousand Foot Krutch - Move (Probably my fav band)


Yeah uh went tonight and got my nose pierced LOL it hurt a lil but it looks great on me, im a lil surprised. ANYWHO :D currently working on some stuffs I know it's been forever since posting but I have some stuff to scan so imma gettin' there. Bye Otaku!


Raise ur hand if ur stressed out over school *raises hand*
Raise ur hand if u feel annoyed with everyone/everything *raises hand*
Raise ur hand is u fe....*passes out from exhaustion* :(

I sometimes luv my college and then mostly hate some of this time consuming pointless work. This is so annoying right now. I woke up at 2 in the afternoon on Saturday so I got to sleep in Friday night, stayed up all saturday to 5 in the morning doing deisgn hw only one hour break that day (SHEESH) and then laid down until I had to get up for work at 7 this morning to usher a youth convention with 500 screaming middle schoolers that I had the rights to yell at. It was an interesting weekend. Take some advie and when some of u guys get to college.....JUST GO TO BED EARLY T_T


SOOOO hey peoples, I have gotten some requests from some of u lately and I want to let u all know I am working on it for realz....its just I'm uber strapped for time..i have 6 classes and most are like 3 hour long design classes and UGH just bare with me but some are done and need scanned..at any rate I PROMISE IM TRYING AND IMMA STILL ALIVE :D

~ Kurimason


I put up a new pic!! YAY!!


UGH ugh I say!!! I have a nasty yucky cold and it hinders me from feeling like doing anything!! Well...now it's in this coughing stage T_T anyways, I'm just doing my design classes here at school BUT I plan hopefuly very soonish to be posting some pics, sooooooooooooooo that's mainly what this post is about lol. Also, just for practice I want to know if anyone wants me to draw any certain characters?...like I'm pretty sure I'm gonna' draw some Kenshin and Wolf's Rain pics soonish :D BYEZ