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A realm for cosplay fans and cosplayers alike. Get cosplay advice, help and suggestions here as well as show off your cosplay. Get your costumes critiqued as well as see Japan86 make a complete fool of herself being dressed up in interesting attire.

NOTE: If you wish to help with this WORLD please send a private message to Japan86 and she will get back to you. And if you are a Cosplayer, She would LOVE to have you as a guest poster as well. The cosplay section of TheOtaku may be gone but let's not let it's glory be forgotten.

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Eternally Sailor Moon!

okay how many people do you know who actually get to be their childhood hero (i know a few) but still, its been my dream to be sailor moon for a long time and that dream came true for me i am ecstatic to have this costume, in case you're wondering, this time i did not make my costume i ordered it from www.setsunakou.com and trust me there is nothing wrong with buying a cosplay so long as you dont say you made it yourself, the ladies who make these costumes do a fantastic job (their packing could use some work though..)
i am a chubby sailor moon and i dont care <3 with how much usagi loves food it shouldnt matter anyways

itty bitty wig review

yo! so for the longest time ive been a HUGE sailor moon fan and am ecstatic over sailor moon crystal its absolutely beautiful so i decided now is the time to get my sailor moon cosplay on i spent WEEKS finding the perfect usagi wig (to me) and came across this beauty from ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/Popular-New-Sailor-Moon-Tsukino-Usagi-Gold-Yellow-Cosplay-Wig-/360767304163?pt=US_CSA_MWA_Wigs_Extensions&hash=item53ff6831e3 and deemed it perfect, now usually im pretty wary about buying cosplay stuff on ebay, and from china but this one came to me in reasonable time!

so the way the wig came to me is different but not terribly so!! the buns are a bit bigger and the hair is a slightly different yellow but its still pretty perfect!! first things first i sprayed the buns well with extra hold hair spray and swept them in place the way they twisted before anything could happen to them
this wig is very comfortable, a tad heavy but thats to be expected from the buns, the pigtails are accurate to when usagi was 14 stopping at mid thigh and they're very soft with little curls at the end, the bangs are just as soft and ive already styled them into usagis curly bang style and it held the shape well

so in short if you're looking for a great and yellow usagi wig this is one to check out but i cannot guarantee that you will have the same luck i did and i wish i could, ive also seen this wig in blonde and golden blonde too if you feel the yellow is too harsh

now to just wait for my costume from www.setsunakou.com (pstt click sailor pluto to see the most beautiful sailor moon costumes you could imagine!)

So I won a contest

Sooo I caught the Canadian bug where you become obsessed with league of legends cosplays. A little after Sakura con ended (easter weekend) I decided to make a sherwood fired ashe cosplay and enter this fashion show that my local convention holds every year. They have prize goodies yes but the ultimate prize is a free pass to their con later in the summer. So I entered the fashion show for that ultimate prize just because I'm cheap. I entered the novice division because I never made a cosplay from scratch before. I did have a bow that I carved out of wood but alas it broke after my first practice run/trial run on the cat walk. At least I still had my arrow! I had so much fun! I hope to someday do a tron cosplay and next year I am planning an outlaw star cosplay too. Here is a picture. Talk to you all later!

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World is (partially) mine

how long has it been since someone posted here? oh yeah nearly 3 years cause we all moved on from being "otakus" but whatever may as well put something? i recently went and ordered myself a miku hatsune wig from taobao pit on amazon for around $21 with free shipping (only if you have amazon prime like myself)and id like to say, its very worth it if you're looking for a miku wig the ONLY thing you may wanna worry about is which color you get, the one in the photos is depicted as bright aqua blue and the one that came to me is teal/blue which is fine since miku's hair ranges in color, in bright light mine is much closer to MMD miku's hair heres the link for anyone interested if you're looking http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0070XB2FW/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 now like any miku wig yeah its gonna get tangled with wear just brush it gently with your wig comb starting from the bottom up, one more thing is the base wig has very long side "bangs" i however pinned mine back in my photo because i havnt trimmed mine yet, but this wig is very soft and very good quality so if you're yearning for a miku wig but not wanting to spend $50+ go check this one out

Cosplay Video My Friends and I Made

We filmed from about noon till 4 and my friend had like what....6 hours of movie editing? It was a blast!