This is my fanfiction colors. It's like Bleach, Fruits Basket, and D.gray-man.

Hide it away

Lavi jumped infront of the computer. He looked frantic. "What is it? you naked or something?" I asked, trying to look around him. "N-not right now!!! How bout some noodles?" Kyo looked at Lavi as he usured me out the door. But I heard Kyo whisper "She'll find out some way or other." to Lavi.

"Ah Kyo, I don't want her to know..." Lavi said facepalming as he and Kyo were on the roof. Kyo looked out to the moon."She will find out, Kelly isn't stupid." He clenched his fist. Lavi glanced at his bracelet. "You don't want sis to find out, about it right?" Kyo said nothing. "Apparently we both have secrects to hide..." Lavi said as he wrapped his arms around his legs. "I just don't want to hurt Kelly-koi, but, I don't like keeping things from her..." Kyo trailed off. The two looked out at the sky. "The lion and the cat, afraid to tell the warrior their secrects." "I'm going back inside." Lavi said getting up. "Don't sit and think all night again." Kyo said getting up too. "Don't worry Kyonkichi, I won't." He smiled as he swung into Kelly's bedroom window. She was sound asleep, cluching her ichigo plushie.Lavi sighlently laughed as he sat down. To think, this cute little girl was a powerful soul reaper. Kyo slides in the window.Seeing her, his face turnend soft. "Oh don't you just want to kiss her goodnight, kyon-kyon?" Lavi whispered. Kyo turned bright red and shot him an angry look. "Guess not then,aha."


This is one of the bleach closing song lyrics

With much appreciation, I send a rhapsody filled with treasued thoughts. To the people who who have always held me up. Thankyou for everything.

Thank you so much
Where ever I may be
I'll always be grateful for who you are.
I was casually walking through town.
Around the time dusk fell and the city was bathed in red.
It was an afternoon with crowds of people, coming and going...
I don't know why but I just stood there and watched it.

Then my cell phone started to vibrate, and I made myself move, hoping it could fill this hole in my heart. Your not alone, you see everybody, We gotta hold each other up.

With muh appreciation, I send a rhaphosy filled with treasured thoughts. To the people who have always held me up. Thankyou so much where ever I may be, I'll always be grateful for who you are.

It's in english.~