Hello! its me again, cia-chan ^^ i finally figured how to make this work XD i shall try to be here more often from now on ^^
P.S.: feel free to bug me XD

Shooting Stars *yes, its a doujin...*

(this was written about a year and a half ago. I know its not very good XP) Shooting Stars Eight years had passed since they had first become ninjas. Many things had changed since then. Most dreams had been achieved during that tim...

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As i have finally understood the secrets of this very (not so) conplicated new version of theotaku, i was finally able to post something XD

So, for me, life is good now ^^ i finally went back to my old school with jen (gaararulez41) and Izu(edsmine), which happens to be a very good thing for all of us, otherwise all would be complete pandamonium right now.

I have also seen something VERY interesting in the rules to these posts. quote: "Note that all posts must be PG-13 rated or below."
How can one have fun and discover new thing when the bounderied to ones imagination is restrained so? how can one trully grow up and become adult without 18+ stories or comments? (im joking, dont worry). All this to say, i guess i wont be able to post everything i write on this webpage... how sad. But i guess thats why deviantart.com exists XD, along with fanfiction.net....thank god! ^^

Anyways, im done for today
See ya all laters ^^
Cia-Chan -xxx-