FULL NAME: Philip Kane Donnovan



BIRTHDAY: April 16

PERSONALITY: Phil has always been the most out-there of all the Donnovans. He could never settle down, would always get in more trouble then anybody, didn't know boundries, and he can't stay in one place for a long time. Phil tends to pop up in places, even places he never even knew about. Phil has always been the "unique" one. He never liked his real name, so he always went by Phil instead of Philip.

LIKES: Izzy, his family, his friends, etc.

DISLIKES: Remembering Jocelyn, people hurting his family/ friends, etc.

When he was human, he used to live in Europe, with his fiance, Jocelyn. But a year later, it all started to go downhill. His fiance left him for his older cousin, he was put through all sorts of depression, and one night he was out a little too late and one thing led to another, leaving him in an alley way, bleeding to death, only to wake up as a vampire.



FULL NAME: Seth Bradley Donnovan


AGE: Looks 18 really 583

BIRTHDAY: August 22

PERSONALITY: Seth has always been the most reckless, care-free person in his family. He's usually always drunk, which makes him care-free and reckless. Then he met Lea and his whole life turned around. He stopped going to bars everyday and getting drunk, he stopped hooking up with girls and then leaving them in the morning, after Lea wouldn't go out with him because he was always drunk he just stopped. Now he's a one-girl-at-a-time kind of guy. And that one girl is Lea. Even without the beer, he's always been the one who knows how to party. He's always got his way in the castle and loves messing around with peoples' minds.

LIKES: Beer, Parties, Lea, Having Fun, Jenetta's Cooking, His Crown, etc, etc, etc.

DISLIKES: Being stuck in one place for a long time, Regular Human food, Skirts (they tend to give him wedgies), people who try to hurt his loved ones, etc, etc, etc.

Growing up, Seth has always gotten in trouble. Whether it be because he stole cookies, or came home too late, or didn't come home 'till morning, he would always get in trouble. He always pushed aside his priorities making him irresponsible. Even though he always gets in trouble, nobody can ever say no to him because of his excellence in charming people and messing with their minds. But it all changes when he meet Lea, she's usually saying no to him and that makes him more and more eager to win her over.

Luke!!! (I know you want him Red Kie!)

APPEARANCE: (Yes, I know he was originally gonna be Kage but I think this suits him more and besides, Kage is blonde and besides this picture's HOT!)

FULL NAME: Luke John Dagger

BIRTHDAY: October 6


AGE: 17 and has been 17 for who-knows-how-long.

PERSONALITY: Luke is very mysterious and smug when he first meets somebody. He's usually very curious and sometimes gives up easily. He can easily control his demonic side because he's had a lot of practice with it. He can control anybody except for a certain person. He has one sibling. His older sister but he hasn't seen her in five years. He's easygoing and loves a good fight. He doesn't really drink much human blood anymore but only if he has to, he will.

LIKE: His family, friends, Jess, fire, being messy, music, being smug, making Jess angry, keeping people guessing, etc, etc, etc.

DISLIKES: Organization, ice, people who threaten his family and friends, waking up early,not being able to read Jess's feelings, romance, remembering his past, Aidan, etc, etc, etc.

Growing up as a demon with just his older sister was a rough life. So he doesn't talk about it much. His former closest cousin and his former best friend used to be Aidan. Now they hate each other.

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FULL NAME: Ryan Christopher Donnovan


BIRTHDAY: November 3


AGE: Looks 17 but is really 469

PERSONALITY: Ryan is usally alert and aware of all his surroundings. He doesn't really know how to keep his mouth shut and he can be very rude. He's protective of the people he loves and will kill anybody who threatens or harms them in anyway. He gets extremly jealous when Amby hangs out with guys and has a very bad temper.

LIKES: Amby's blood, Amby, Molly, Shane, Alex, Tyson, Jade, Max, Angelo, his friends and family, Jenetta's cooking, etc, etc, etc.

DISLIKES: Blaze, blood that isn't Amby's, people who threaten his loved ones, people who hurt his loved ones, Jaspar, etc, etc.

Growing up Ryan always got what he wanted. He was the prince of the vampires and male vampires always thought he was intimidating. Male vampires would always say things about him. Either he was selfish, a man-w****, girlfriend stealer, etc. Ryan got whoever and whatever he wanted. He was always so pampered and wasn't used to not getting what he wanted. He has three brothers now. One of them from his human life. Phil, Sebestan and Seth. He's always remembered his human life clearly.

(You'll find about later on into the story. There's too much to write.)

Jenetta and Melissa

Left Jenetta right Melissa