Here’s How Do You Keep A Luxury Car Running Intact For An Extended Time?

In case you have just joined the elite club of owning a luxury car like an Audi, BMW, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, etc. You should keep up with taking good care of these automotive behemoths. Though these beasts offer luxury, they too have certain demands in terms of carrying forward the same service.

They are definitely capable of offering the smoothest rides while being dynamic. But, carelessness is something that can deter the luxury. Nonetheless, there are certain ways to upkeep your vehicle’s class while still expecting a certain level of service from it.

Keep an ear on your car

Usually, a car starts to make some sort of noise when there is an underlying issue. Though most luxury cars are equipped with sophisticated technology, it has become difficult to understand a problem by just hearing a sound.

Under normal circumstances, a car often produces squealing and grinding noises, but modern cars’ sound dampening features might keep things unknown to you. Therefore, it is necessary for you to turn off the sound dampening feature that is available in the car’s computer settings. Then, try to hear any unusual sound under the hood or from the suspension.

This might be a sign that your car needs work. As the car shifts gears, listen out for any strange noises or trembling in the steering wheel.

Service My Car facilitates the maintenance of your luxury vehicle without any hassle. Besides, you can avail a luxury car scanning and diagnostics here to learn about any existing and potential issue.

Be agile in maintaining your car tyres

Often overlooked, tyres are always at the receiving end whether they are cruising through the highway or crossing a tough terrain. They have to run whether it is extreme cold or scorching heat.

What does tyres needs to fight these tough conditions? Of course, first is proper inflation. Your car’s tyres need to be properly inflated neither too much nor too little. Therefore, you have to be agile to keep tyre pressure intact.

Next, there is always a possibility of tyres rotation to manage uneven wear and tear. Therefore, tyre maintenance is always going to be beneficial in long term and keeping your car’s luxury intact.

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Never run your luxury car with old engine oil

Though every car needs proper lubrication to work properly and avoid unnecessary wear and tear, your luxury vehicle does need proper lubrication, and any ignorance would definitely result in performance deterioration.

Engine oil degrades in terms of lubrication over time, and it gets some sort of contamination. In these circumstances, engine would definitely lack in its efficiency and even sustain damage while hurting a critical component.

So delaying a car oil change is not a great approach. Essentially, follow the manufacturer’s recommendation properly. You can pay a visit to Service My Car for an expert’s opinion.

Keep your car’s batteries optimal

Battery is a way better than before, but much overloaded too.  They are not just starting your car or powering the headlights. A number of accessories, computers, and sensors are dependent on the battery power, especially when the alternator is at rest.

As a result, a car's battery requires more consideration and care right now. Your battery's contact points need to be inspected to make sure corrosion isn't accumulating there as well as to ensure proper charging.

Even if the car's battery is in perfect condition, there could be a charging issue. Any electrical issue, such as alternator failure or a wiring problem, could cause you problems, sometimes very costly ones.

For a proper inspection, you should come to a Service My Car workshop. Here, you will get an expert assessment and a car battery replacement at a very reasonable price.

Keep an eye on the car’s fluids

A car has fluids almost every nook and corner. Though, they do not get depleted quite easily unless the leaks make them reduced unnecessarily.

There is some specificity in fluids, as a number of models have distinctive fluid needs. Those with turbochargers usually need a different kind of oil because only engine oil does not work for them.

A mix-up is not going to work for your car’s luxurious offerings. However, these technologically sophisticated cars usually require expertise to deal with such problems. That’s why you need to come to Service My Car for professional remediation of a complex issue.

Opting for preventive management

Usually, you expect a luxury car neat and clean at the interior along with shining exterior. It requires you and others who usually ride in the car to learn the basics of hygiene.

You should go for the floor mats or utilise the seat covers to avoid wear and tear. Besides, there is always an option of choosing the car detailing. Service My Car offers a comprehensive cleaning solution for your luxurious asset to keep it intact for a long time.

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These are a few valuable tips to keep a luxury car intact forever. Service My Car is a credible place to make your smooth riding continue for an extended time. You can book a car service or order a car repair quote on our website or app anytime.

Here’s a Detailed Analysis of Options for Protection of Paint of New Car

Have you noticed the feeling of joy when you bought your new car? However, there is always a pride in driving a brand new wagon. But, what makes a car looking fabulous aesthetically? Of course! The shine and gloss of the exterior, however, you should be aware of an important point that a car’s paint is prone to degradation over the period.

When a vehicle's paint starts to fade, people typically start to act. It frequently experiences acid rain and harmful UV rays. The exterior of a vehicle usually faces the debris and dangers during a drive on the road. Therefore, it is crucial to shield the outside of your car after you become owner of a car.

The majority of car owners are aware of the value of maintaining their brand-new cars. During the period of ownership, they go to great lengths to make it feel and appear brand new.

One of the first things you should do is get paint protection to keep the paint job looking appealing and new.

Let’s understand what does a car paint protection signify?

The paint protection is an essential protective layer over the exterior in form of wax or coating. Such layer is capable of fighting with agents of external damages such as dust, UV rays, acid rains, contaminants, etc.

However, a vehicle exterior has a proper protection of multiple layers of paint including primer, base coat and the upper most clear coat. The clear coat possesses the actual gloss of the paint. The paint protection acts as a protective layer to keep things that could harm your car away from exterior and precisely, the clear coat.

Its main goal is to keep your car looking new and shiny for a longer period of time, even though it does not provide protection against serious threats such as a car crash or any other substantial collision. However, it makes a great shield against the scuffs, chemical reactions, and other hazards.

What are the options available for the paint protection?

Let’s have a look over the available options for the car paint protection.

Apply wax at the exterior

Wax makes a great and oldest type of paint protection. It consists of mixture of industrial wax that comes from the palm trees essentially, and oil as well as sealants. When you apply this over the surface of your car, it offers a barrier to the exterior.

However, it requires frequent application as it does not make a permanent solution of threats to your car’ exterior. You can take help of an expert at Service My Car to get the best out of a car paint protection especially the wax application.

Try to use synthetic paints

Applying synthetic paints equalizes the complementary layer of paint protection over existing clear coat. It makes use of the industrial paints and makes a great solution for the paint protection. This also enhances the gloss of the exterior.

Make use of ceramic coating

Ceramic coating is an innovation in area of paint protection. The process involves the application of a liquid on your car’s exterior that eventually changes into a solid state. After attain solid state, it makes a highly protective layer to exterior especially, the scratches as well as dust or debris.

Here’s how do you make a decision about the paint protection option

Despite the impressive variety of options available for car paint protection, each type has drawbacks.

Even though wax paint protection possesses endurance against the time, but it does not make a long term paint protection option? Usually wax attracts a lot of dust on the surface. Moreover, it does not offer dependable defence against environmental factors.

On the other hand, synthetic paints application is a time consuming process as well as provide lesser protection. They cannot fight sun's rays and starts to fade just like clear coat paint at exterior.

Ceramic coating nullifies the issues with wax and synthetic protection, but you have pay more for this type of paint protection. However, there are less expensive options that offer you the same care at reasonable prices.

You will always have the freedom to choose which paint protection product to use. It makes sense to be proactive and protect the paint on your car. You must decide on how you want to maintain your car after doing your research.

You will not regret your decision as well as investment years later when you might look for a car resale. A better preserved vehicle usually gives better values later on.

You can take help of a professional to decide on what makes a better paint protection. At Service My Car, you get a professional service for your car detailing while you also get a paint protection on demand.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Keep Your Car Intact Even When Resting For a Long Time

A few months back, there was a sudden need to rest your vehicles when people were contained in their premises. However, things have become normal, but still; many people would like to serve remotely while continuing rest to their vehicles.

In such a situation, your vehicle requirements might change, but they still need to go under some sort of car maintenance to serve you when you get back on wheels. A running vehicle has to sustain some form of wear and tear, but an immobile vehicle can develop some problems. Let’s understand what possible issues with a resting vehicle could be and what you should do to handle them.

Never let your car still idle for a long time

Your car has the sole purpose of being active on the road most of time, not resting in your garage or outside your premise. Put simply, you need to move your vehicle once on a week or fortnight.

If you are unable to do much, just start your car and drive a short distance forward and backward. This warms up the engine of your car, which helps keep the fluids from spoiling and lowers the possibility of gaskets and rubber components drying out and failing.

In addition, modern cars come with sophisticated computing systems that monitor a variety of variables around-the-clock. They unknowingly used the battery in your car. And if the battery doesn't receive a timely recharge, there's a good chance you'll find yourself without a working battery when you need to start your car after a long period of rest. These computers do consume energy, and a car's battery can expire in two weeks if it is left parked without being recharged.

Take care of your car’s tyres even if they are not moving much

Surprisingly, your car’s tyres usually receive considerable wear and tear when it runs on the road consistently. But, do you know they too get damaged if they are static for a long time?

The air pressure in your car's tyres will gradually decrease if you leave it parked for an extended period of time, which has an impact on performance, safety, and gas mileage.

The likelihood of flat spots forming at the point where the tyres touch the ground increases when they are stationary in one location.

If your vehicle will be at rest for a longer period of time, you can prevent this by using a hack. You should add a few more pounds of air than the advised maximum. Even if your car is stationary, this solution will keep the tyres in good condition.

However, it requires you to release those extra pounds once you have to drive your vehicle next time.

If you keep your vehicle standing on tyres with low pressure, they are going to betray you sooner than expected. Such a problem only ends up after opting for fresh tyres rather than bailing out a flat tyre.

You can opt for a quick inspection by an expert at Service My Car to avoid unnecessary hassle when your car has stayed for a longer time than hitting the road.

Check your car’s engine oil

Whether you drive continuously or not, you should change your car engine oil on schedule. You must change the oil in your car's engine as soon as possible because it can degrade over time and cause problems. Engine activity hours have an impact on engine oil degradation. However, another significant factor contributing to engine oil degradation is temperature variation.

Even if you aren't driving as many miles as you used to, follow the recommended interval between oil changes listed in your vehicle's manual.

Besides, you can opt for a professional service at Service My Car if you face any problem with your vehicle.

Make your car brakes rust free

Rust is a stealth destructor of metal, and when exposed to wet conditions for an extended period of time, a car's brake may silently invite it.

Rust can penetrate the brake pad lining and result in issues like noise, risky uneven braking, and even pulsation in the brake pedal.

Drive your car for at least half an hour once a week to keep your brakes in good condition. If you use your parking brake, make sure to release it frequently to prevent it locking up and making it challenging to release. However, you can avoid any damage by opting for car brake pad replacement by an expert at Service My Car.

Wash your car frequently

A resting car invites a ton of dust as well as other impurities. You won’t like to experience a bad drive once you turn the keys after a long time. However, you have to go for a regular car wash to keep your vehicle free from unnecessary bacteria taking place here and there.

To keep your car in good condition even when not in use, you can choose a complete car detailing. It offers a thorough exterior cleaning before approaching the interior with carpet and upholstery cleaner and conditioner for leather. You can get a car wash at Service My Car. Never put off the covering of your vehicle after getting a cleaning.

Apart from these things, it is not wise to keep your car’s tank filled with fuel for a long time. Fuel has a tendency to go bad over time, and it can cause some damage inside the tank. If you cannot avoid this, try to keep a minimal fuel level or use fuel stabilizer.

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