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Melty Cat Designs

Media concepts and design.

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'Axel's World of Crap™'.

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Melty Shoes

Bespoke hand decorated footwear.

Bridal - Everyday - Mens - Kids


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The Derbyshire Paranormal Society

The Derbyshire Paranormal Society is a non-profit, scientific society that investigates claims of paranormal activity and hauntings in both private homes and public locations.

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Facebook Live Broadcast at 8PM GMT Tonight

I will be doing a requested live broadcast today at 8pm/20:00 GMT. (16:00 EST - 13:00 PT - 15:00 CT) discussing the subject of the Derbyshire dialect. Be sure to log on for a giggle.


The Telephone (2016)

The Telephone follows the story of Richard, a depressive composer whose marriage has collapsed and life seems to have fallen apart around him. He finds himself moving into a bedsit situated above a pub in a rural part of England. Not alone in the crumbling building, he soon becomes aware of the presence of Max, an elderly gentleman whose mysterious character and behaviour attract a certain suspicion from Richard. On the discovery of an old telephone in the attic of the pub, Richard’s suspicions rise when he is firstly warned away from the phone and then told not to answer the phone after incessantly ringing. On the discovery of a murder in the house and talk of hauntings Richard’s intrigue is broken. Will Richard be able to stop the ringing, or will the ringing drive him to a new insanity.

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The Telephone has now finished filming and is in post production.

In Limbo Teaser Trailer

As promised, here's the trailer...

In Limbo Behind The Scenes Photos

CLICK HERE to view the publically released Facebook album of behind the scenes photos

Trailer: In progress

Premiere: September 2015(?)

DVD: November 2015(?)

That's A Wrap!

Sorry I have not been around much, but there's a perfectly good reason.

Today I got back from filming the final scenes for In Limbo. I'm aching all over, tired and craving sweet, salty and sour foods all at the same time, but it's all good. We filmed over 100 scenes in only 2 days, something that I feel is pretty damn good.

Pardon me, a celebratory ale is in order methinks.