Brother, put your needles down.
The best thing for you is to leave this awful town.
Pretty soon, you'll have kids to feed.
If you see mother, tell her I can sing!

Page two...FINALLY!!!

My eyes flattered open. The room was dark, it took me a while to know I was in my living room. Then I remembered: I was in the alley that guy must have saved me...or I dreamed it. I belive I dreamed it. I sighed thinking how screwed up I am, I slowly got of the couch and and walked up in to my room.
I opened the door and heard my music on. I gently skipped towards my CD player it was to low to hear. I quickly opened it, My mixxed CD did I leave it in here? Im crazy. I thought as I droped on to my bed. I felt my waist hit someones hand, I froze dead in fear. THe hand slowly travled up my body, when it reached my hair a voice said "Ahh so your a wake...."
I shuddered, it was the guy from the alley. "Y-y-yes." I answered, fear covered my voice. He seemed to move a little "Please, I won't hurt you." He said. I was suddenly less afraid of him. "Ok....answer a few questions, whats your name and how old are you?" I asked him. "My name is James and for my age? Im firthteen you?" I thought for a few moments and he waited for me to answer. "Im Crystal and im sixteen....people call me cry for short." I finally told James my answer.
His hands pulled me closer to him and he looked me in the eyes "your eyes are such a nice pale green." He said sighing. I was scared this person I didn't really know had me a little to close, he must have noticed he whispered "sorry." All I could say was "What time is it, James?" "Night time...." He answered as he traced the cut on my wrist. I yawned "If you don't mind im sleeply, im going back to sleep." I said, he didn't answer me and I slipped to sleep....

Page one of my bookie! ^^

I was walking home from school again,my knife in my backpack.I hated today it had to be worst ever I'll I wanted to do was go home back to my empty house and.....cut.But it was bad I couldn't take it! I ran in to a dark alley and open my backpack,grabing the knife I put it to my wrist and cut as deep as could without hitting the vein.The bloog gushed out and I watch slipped on the ground.I traced the scars over my wrists why do I do this? I thought in my mind.I grabed a towel from my back and put it over my wrist,I pushed the bloody knife back in to the back.I didn't want to leave I just wanted to die here,but I couldn't do that for some reason.The white towel had now turned all red I smiled sightly.All of a sudden I heard a voice "What happened?" it asked.I quickly turned around to see a guy with black hair covering half his face a few feet behind me."I-I...I cut myself"I answered him smugly.He looked at the bloody towel "I see...why did you?"He asked me still looking at my wrist.I thought for a moment then answered "I have nothing to live for,my parents are dead my only friends were murdered a while ago and people at school don't understand..." He frowned at my answer."Your bleeding pretty bad I could...smell it far away" he told me.I didn't take mind that he said smell I was starting to feel whozzy."Well maybe I'll finally die"I told him just as all went black,the last thing I felt was my body hitting the ground and a few seconds later arms picking me up and then him running it seemed to fast to be human.....

Note~Short frist page but I wanted to leave ppl wondering what will happen next and I know it doesn't say their names..yet ^^