Just a blog talking about what i think about n stuff...
All my friends have created one, so i feel a little left out...
Therefore, you don't have to read it...it's just a place to state my opinions about certain stuff...and stuff...~

If you choose to read it, hope it's not boring~....ENJOY~ (^^)v


yeah, that one word discribes everything...right now i'm in the middle of my exams, yet i can't really concetrate on studying for my classes...sure i do study for my tests and exams but i get so distracted so easily its giving me a headache. every five min, i'm doing something else, and get this: when i'm suppose to be studying for my exams, here i am, reading fanfictions from this site and others...WTF?!?! lol i'm typing this in my school's library (also reading it at the library) and i keep smiling to myself because of the stories i'm reading here...they are little fluffy love stories that just make me giggle randomly and i swear the people next to me are looking at me like i'm crazy...no its not Yaoi, but yeah...there are a few shonen ai stories here, but they don't know it~ ohohohoho....ugh.... = =''' but they shouldn't complain, our school sells loveless on school grounds...yeah, you heard me right, LOVELESS!!! XD

i really should start studying again...the funny thing is that in our school, (college, yeah i'm a college freshmen that doesn't look my or act my age :3) our exam week is suppose to officially start next week yet, all my exams are done this week...WTF!?!?! but i guess it's better to get it over and done with... well off to studying again...and i got to stop reading these fanfictions...well, at least until the end of this week = =;

in other news, it might snow this week here at my school so i'm hoping that will happen :3 well, laterz~ :3


Darker than Black rants...

i normally don't do this, but i just had to say it...Darker Than Black Season 2 is starting to piss me off, but in a good way i guess...

Anyone agree with me?

Don't get me wrong, i love season 2 to bits, but they managed to kill off all the characters i like in the series so its pissing me off...is it my curse? the anime guys that i like always end up badly hurt or dead... i say i'm cursed...

first episode, the hamburger dude died (and he was growing on me T~T)

second episode, Magician died, and just when i thought that he would be an awesome contractor in the series, but nooo, Hei just had to kill him...it's confirmed in the third episode that he is dead DX(sad face)

third episode, though i'm not quite sure yet, but that boy called Mika (the one that loves Tanya) looks like he is about to kick the bucket too, but i hope not, cause i actually like him and that couple (MikuxTanya)... -3- his in the opening so hopefully he will appear in the future episodes again... >w<*wishing hard, don't die!!*

such a tragic anime season 2 is, but i love it!! soo interesting~ X3
but it pisses me off to know that everyone in there would probably die in the future episodes... NOOOO!!! don't let anyone else die now!! ;A;

and i hope Yin isn't dead either, cause i liked her in season 1... T^T it's indicating it, but i hope its not true...

good news, i think, Mao is actually the squirrel! lol guess he can't really be called mao anymore huh XD (his name means cat for those who are confused...)

P.S...I don't like that other twin Shion...he pisses me off...

well that's it...wow, i feel better now... -A-


I need help...not therapy help though = =;

Okay, so there is this fanart that i'm working on but my brain seems to be giving me headaches... i want to make a fanart that include characters who have helped/inspired other characters to become a hero...ex. Zack. So far i have these dudes...

1)Zack from Final Fantasy VII
2)Mikage from 07 Ghost
3)Obito from Naruto
4)Spitfire from Air Gear
5)Lockon from Gundam 00
6)Kamina from Gurren Lagann

so...i need at least 3 more to include and i can't think of anyone else...i'm trying to use an all guys theme, and not include main characters. Also notice...they are all dead = =lll sorry if that spoiled something...= =lll

So...any ideas?

Help would be really appreciated. ^^