The Speculative, Not-Totally-About-Anime Post

Hi, remember me? Yeah... I still look for news. Righteous.

Well, I was surfin' the news when I found out that with the new league that is being formed in Japan for next season, they're gonna create a definitive first: the first female professional baseball player in Japan.

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Yoshida Eri, a sixteen-year-old, is going to play for the Kobe 9 Cruise next April once the new independent league starts its inaugural season. She was one of thirty-three athletes selected in the draft by keeping her male opponents hitless in one inning and throwing what is reported to be a wicked knuckleball.

So, do you think we're now going to have an influx of new sports comics centered on girls making it on their own in the guys' leagues? Since Japan likes to make profit off of trends, I smell at least three series coming our way. You never know... it could be the start of something Stateside even.


Source: AOL News