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Farewell Friends

We all knew this moment would come, we weren't looking to it forward but we eventually knew the time would come. TheO news is finally up and running so now we must say farewell to the BNR. It's been so much fun being a part of this world, posting some crazy news, making new friends, etc. We will miss this place tons. See you all on TheO news.

Ryosuke Forever

An Angel's Goodbye

Hey guys Timechaser put it best in the post below you know but I will say my goodbye because I feel really connected to this world. I am going to miss posting the lastest news in anime and japan but I glad I did it and it helped alot. I really loved posting Angel's Weekly News Report and theOtaku.com Members 2 Cents it was amazing you guys really cared about the news and your submitions were great. All in all I am glad that we all here at the BNR lasted as long as we did. The news of theO is in better hands. I wish the new theOtaku.com news team the best of luck and now for the last time on the BNR....

Angel's Weekly News Report

theOtaku.com Lauches A New News SiteB]

After much planning and hard work by Bossman Adam the new and very shiny theOtaku.com news or News Nuggets lauchs this week with a pile of updates and keep checking the site daily for more updates as they get lauched. What kind of news you ask well video games, manga, anime, otaku madness and much much more. Check it out in the link below.

News Nuggets

ok guys this is fallenangel8 signing out for the last time on the Bootleg News Report byebye

Time to Retire

We all knew the BNR would be a temporary solution until an official news feature returned to theOtaku.com. Now, that time has come.

With theO News finally online, those who are guest posters here are now asked to submit their news there to help directly support the website.

Thank You.

Ryosuke's Report

First off some news I found very shocking (even if i'm not a fan of Naruto). Dattebayo to Stop Fansubbing Naruto on January 15 The fan group Dattebayo has announced that it will stop subtitling and distributing the N...

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The Speculative, Not-Totally-About-Anime Post

Hi, remember me? Yeah... I still look for news. Righteous.

Well, I was surfin' the news when I found out that with the new league that is being formed in Japan for next season, they're gonna create a definitive first: the first female professional baseball player in Japan.

External Image

Yoshida Eri, a sixteen-year-old, is going to play for the Kobe 9 Cruise next April once the new independent league starts its inaugural season. She was one of thirty-three athletes selected in the draft by keeping her male opponents hitless in one inning and throwing what is reported to be a wicked knuckleball.

So, do you think we're now going to have an influx of new sports comics centered on girls making it on their own in the guys' leagues? Since Japan likes to make profit off of trends, I smell at least three series coming our way. You never know... it could be the start of something Stateside even.


Source: AOL News