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REPORT: The Dark Knight

CAUTION: This article contains definitive spoilers for The Dark Knight. If you have not yet seen the movie, read with caution and then immediately watch it. You will be amazed. Seriously; for real, i...

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Report: Bleach: Memories of Nobody

“It was definitely worth it.”

Walking around in his Squad Ten Captain’s coat, Eric is able to sum up the entire feel of the movie Bleach: Memories of Nobody in a single sentence. He was one of the many anime fans to flock to a theater in Livonia, Michigan for one of the two showings of the movie that would run. Some travelled over thirty miles to watch their favorite characters on the big screen.

“It’s only playing for two days,” Eric said, responding as to why he decided to go. “Also, it’s Bleach.” He gave a smile, showing his enthusiasm before the movie even started.

As the feature began, the rest of the patrons showed their enthusiasm as well. Cheers and clapping could be heard for fan-favorites such as Zaraki Kenpachi and Kuchiki Byakuya, while laughing filled the theater for the movie’s many comedic moments.

Some fans though, were slightly melancholy as they left the theater.

George, who mainly reads the manga version, disliked the fact a favorite character was not present. “They needed Yoruichi,” he said bluntly. He was also disappointed that the humans did “nothing” instead of helping to fight.

“I still liked it,” he added, despite a lack of talking cats.

Before the movie, there was a special feature put together by VIZ, the company that translates the Bleach series. They interviewed different people within the project, including voice actor Johnny Young Bosch. They, along with others, helped to explain the process in which the anime is made ready for an English-speaking audience. Some of the Japanese creators also come on screen to bring their view, via subtitles of course.

Tite Kubo, the series creator, even gave a live ink drawing session before explaining that he was very excited to meet the enthusiastic anime and manga fans at this year’s San Diego Comic Con in July. The convention will feature a showing of the movie.

“They need to come out with the second one,” Eric says, referencing the second Bleach movie: Diamond Dust Rebellion. “They need to come out with more anime movies in America. ... I’d definitely go.”

Bleach is an anime and manga series about “soul reapers” and their job to purify the disturbed souls dubbed “hollows”. The movie follows the main protagonist, Ichigo, as he fights to prevent the Spirit and Living worlds from colliding. The movie’s original protagonist character, Senna, is a key to it all. Many cameos and bit-parts are provided by Soul Society Arc characters, while the story is set after the arc has taken place. New antagonists are also introduced, as well as a new spiritual realm that is tactfully explained by two supporting characters.

Bleach: Memories of Nobody, runs approximately 90 minutes long and will have a Region 1 DVD release in October.

Raiders of the Last Bootleg of Doom

Well as we all know the new Indiana Jones just came out today and with a release of a new movie to the saga, comes Indy merchandise. From an article I saw in Wizard’s Toy Fare magazine from about a month ago or so, came a few pages taking about the newest and quirkiest Indiana Jones’ goodies.

Here are some vinyl chibi statues from the famed Kotobukiya models and figurine company in Japan. A sample of some of their most well know work are the figurines from the Final Fantasy series, and Kingdom Hearts Series, along with many other famous animes, games, and comic book characters.

The figurines shown here are: Indy (Of course!), Indy’s father, Henry Jones Sr., Marion (Raiders of the Lost Ark), and Mola Ram (Temple of Doom, why they picked to make him instead of Short Round or any other character is beyond me.). These figures are sadly exclusive to Japan.

Kotobukiya got some of the rights to the Indiana toy series in 2008 and got the Urban Vinyl artists, Panson Works Group to make some of the models.

I believe the artist of theses statues is Yupon (I don’t have the first or last name, since I forgot to write it down when I first took the picture from the article.)

This information is from Toy Fare Magazine, issue (either March or April) of this year. The rest of info of the rest of the artist name etc. was lost and stored away in a big warehouse of identical crates, under the lock and key of the government. (actually I forgot to write it down) .

Well, it's official...

It's been hinted at, but now it's finally for-sure: Tite Kubo is coming to Comic-Con.

Viz first made hints for the event using a banner campaign (i.e.: "Kubo is coming" along with the signature red, white and blue stripe scheme). Kubo will make opening statements at a theatrical screening of Bleach the Movie: Memories of a Nobody on July 25th in San Deigo and the next day will be at two, 100-limit autograph sessions and a Comic Con panel.

Anime News Network

*slow news week MAX*

If they postpone again...

The Weekly Shonen Jump in Japan has published the first official image of the new live-action Dragonball movie. The picture is of Goku (Justin Chatwin), the series' main character.

Originally the movie was rumored to come out this August, but the new news is that the Japanese release will be in March 2009, before any other nation gets to see it. The US of A gets a premire on April 3rd.

Anime News Network

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