My "Nature"

Yo. *puts hand up*

So Nae is telling me that I have to say something about my "Nature" ... Or whatever.

I really don't know what she's talking about... Or even care to know. Buuuttt she threatened to pull my wings off if I don't say something, so here I am.

Kay, let's see. *pulls out sheet of paper*

"Gyen the Golbat - Relaxed - Gyen is a relaxed type of person. He doesn't care much for serious situations and pretty much always yawn or waves things off. Gyen is the nonchalant, laid-back, lazy, blunt talking type. Meaning he has a nonchalant expression on his face in almost every occasion. Though he's lazy most of the time, he won't hesitate to be active when he is interested in seeing the outcome."

.... Yeah I'm done.