hey there~ fancy meeting yooh here :3 doing groovy?
my name ish Becki! here's some things about meself-
I'm short! but don't judge a book by it's cover...I'm a feisty one XD
I am not emo. not in anyway. I don't dress emo, act emo, or taste emo. XD I just wanted a gorey site :3
I'm a racialy mixed latina, if you are racist at all, or against interacial mariages, please leave, your not needed here.
I'm a vegetarian! so the whole torturing animals thing, not for me. but It doesn't matter to me if you eat meat or not, I'm not going to preach to you.
I love anime. mm-hmn. all kinds! ever since reading Kodocha in seventh grade. especially death note, eureka seven, ergo proxy, d-gray man, naruto, fruits basket, tsubasa, loveless, full metal alchemist, comic party, and nana.

Goals: hmmn...to pass my junior year. I'm not that great at school.....to get into governer school of the arts this year, and to not have school devour my soul >_<

Things that make me hap-pay!:

watching anime, laughing, painting, staying up until 5 in the morning, playing the xylophone, listening to moosick, being random, dressing in random bright colors, drawing fashion models from magazines, trustworthy people, and people who make me laugh.

Things that make me go grr:

homophobes, racists, stereotypes, people who judge before knowing, germs, when people say things that are supposed to be funny but are acctually hurtful to others, cold weather, sleeping to much, having to much things to do, people who complain about things for attention or in reality, are no big deal, doctor appointments.

I really love all my friends, they're all so awesome! I try my best to be a great friend to them as well ^^



worst day evar. I so don't even want to get started. basically, I hate my friends. why, when things were just starting to get to be okay again, things hafta get d...

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I'm so lost.