Two Guys

Question: So, I know two guys.

Guy one: Generally sweet, nice to everyone and has some things about him that I found interesting. He seems to indirectly notice whenever I cry, though doesn't really do much. Conversations between us are interesting and engaging. However, we have different opinions on a variety of things, especially regarding anime (he considers it a waste of time, and will roll his eyes whenever I mention it). He also doesn't pay a lot of attention to me.

Guy two: Notorious for being "Hard to get". He doesn't flirt, doesn't pay attention to (most) girls, and refuses to ask anyone on a date. However, he's funny, pays more attention to me on a day-to-day basis, and, although not a complete otaku himself, he is half-Japanese and loves his heritage (considering he spent part of his life in Japan), and so understands whenever I mention my love for anime/Japan. (Oh, yeah. And he's nice. Though I can't really describe him as "sweet").

Were I to pursue one of these guys, which one should I pursue?


Kitty Kat

Dear Kitty Cat,

This really does seem like a tough dilemma. Both guys have qualities that would definitely make me want to go out with them. However, I feel that you should focus more on who you see yourself happier with.

Guy Number 2 would make a great best friend, but given that he refuses to even ask anybody on a date, I wouldn't go for him (unless you hate dates. Then that's not going to be an issue.)

Guy Number One...I feel that you can make things work with him. I would say to strike a deal with him or something so that you may at least talk about anime with him without him rolling his eyes and possibly upsetting you.

I can see that you're trying to focus on the good qualities of these boys. However, before you make a decision, you may want to think about their flaws. Like, whether or not one of them gets violent when angry, or how they react to not getting what they want. Those factors are HUUUUGE when it comes to men. A boy may be a complete gentleman to a lady, have the looks of an angel, yet at the same time he may be cruel and abusive deep down. Men tend to show their good side around women so as to attract them, and then once they feel like they should, they stop hiding who they really are.

Who knows? They may both be well-mannered and respectful inside and out. However, if I were to make a choice based solely off of the information given to me, I would have to say that Guy Number 1 would be best for you. He seems like he would definitely make a better life partner than somebody who chooses not to think about having romantic dates and such with girls.

Just go with what your heart says. If you still can't decide, I suppose that you could flip a coin. You will automatically know who you want because you'll be thinking "Oh, I hope I get Guy # __!!!" That way, you will know who you want. Hope this helps!!!