Hiya, guys! So, I decided to make this world. A world where you can ask advice for anything without feeling embarrassed or like you have to worry about the whole world knowing your problems publicly. Which is why I decided to create >Ask Moka<.

In this world, I will be giving advice to people about whatever it is that they wish to have advice given on. There aren't any rules about what can and can't be asked because, well, I think we all know what is appropriate and inappropriate to be asked. Aside from posting the advice (don't worry. I'll tell you how to ask if you don't mind your question and my answer being published in a bit,) I can also give the advice privately over PM if you feel too insecure about it.

Okay! So! Here's how to PM me your question!


1. Click here to begin typing the PM.
2. The Subject should be >Ask Moka< so I know that it's regarding my world.
3. Type your question and whatever you have to say about what you want advice on.
4. Sign it with a false name (like "Sad Clown" or something) so that you don't have to worry about people making fun of you for whatever question you have (also caz fake names are cool.)
Don't forget to tell me the title of your question!!!!
5. If you want the response to be via PM, just let me know at the bottom of the message.
6. Send away!!!!!

So, there you have it. ^^. Thanks for taking part in this, and if any of you also have advice for the other people, feel free to comment.

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