midnight: prologue

silently, exhausted, senior tensho sakurai walked home from his late night job at a local bar. the pay was good, and the environment bearable; the only reason's the bluish silver haired teen even took the tiring work. a normal day consisted of him going to school, getting picked on, going to work, walking home at midnight, doing homework, and going to sleep. this day, so far, had been normal. the silver-haired teen was a few minutes away from his apartment when he noticed something... weird. he had been walking past a seemingly empty alley when his pale purple eyes noticed something. two shadows. one had his mouth to the other figure's neck, red dripping down the necks side. transfixed by the sight, sakurai could only watch in wide-eyed fascination. moments later the bleeding man fell to the ground. only after the other figure started to look up did the tensho regain use of his legs. quickly walking off the purple eyed teen didn't miss the man's smirk, and blood covered lips. 'shit... he saw me,'

bon high. a normal high school by most standards. average teaching standards, average students, and average income. but to tensho sakurai, it was horrible. already shy, being picked, put down, and ignored did nothing for his emotional standing. it's not like he did anything wrong. he got some of the school's top grades, wasn't unkind, and was quite good-looking. what, with his petite, lean, well-muscled frame, pale skin, short, touselled bluish-silver hair, and pale violate eyes, framed with rectangular, thin rimmed glasses. yes, he was what most considered attractive, girlish even. which was probably one of the reasons people picked on him. that, and him being shy. after four years, you would think it wouldn't hurt so much. being outcasted; but it still hurt as much as it had the first time it happened. of course what most people didn't know, that he found very ironic, was that he worked at one of the most popular bars in town at night, and that he himself was one of the most liked bartenders there. the only reason they didn't know was because he never wore his glasses at work (they were only for reading after all), a hat hid his light hair, and no-one payed enough attention to notice his looks at school. life was pretty normal. although, recently, he'd felt like something.. different was going to happen. new, exciting, unnatural. 'i suppose seeing some guy sucking a drunk man's blood would count as unnatural and new..' he thought idly during history. 'I feel like i've seen him before, though,' shrilly, the bell interupted sakurai's thoughts. slowly, so he could leave last, the silver haired teen gathered his things. next period, lunch. 'oh, joy,' he thought, sighing while removing his glasses. once he reached the now empty hall, someone roughly pulled him back, slamming him into a nearby wall. "hello, tensho. the usual order if you please," a tall boy sneered at the pinned boy in front of him. 'damn,' "I don't have any money today," the silver haired boy said boredly. "i didn't have time to grab-nng!" a fist made sharp contact with sakurai's cheek. "i suggest you don't forget next time," with that the boy left, presumably to prey on some other poor kid. 'damn, if someone sees this...' holding his now red an swollen cheek, as blood began to make itself known in his mouth, tensho sakurai swiftly headed for the bathroom. 'i need to get the sweeling down so no-one bothers me about it,' not noticing anyone else in the bathroom, the bartender began mumbling things to himself as he tended to his injury. "*sigh* i'll have to skip next period if it stays like this," he winced as a cold paper towel touched the swoolen area. "...at least i didn't have to do it this time," a stall opened. suprised, the injured teen quickly turned away from both the morrors in front of him, and the person coming towards the sinks, pretending to wipe his hands with the soaking wet papertowel. the sound of running water filled his ears as he waited for the other person to leave. all noise stopped. after a few minutes, the purple-eyed teen figured the other had silently left; turning to finish what he had previously been doing, sakurai found someone standing no more than two inches away from him. the other teen was tall, with pale (almost sickly) skin. shaggy, dark brown hair was pulled back into a loose pony-tail at the nape of his neck, while the most vivid maroon eyes stared intently at the silver-haired teen. for a few moments, sakurai was too shocked to do anything but stare, wide-eyed, at the beautiful figure before him. annoyance soon took over amazed awe. putting on his glasses, the bartender was about to lecture the other on not sneaking up on others, when he remembered his mouth was still laced with blood.. and his cheek was still swollen. so, instead, he selled for a small, indignant, "hmmph" which the other male seemed to find amusing. laughing maroon eyes changed to ones of concern. "what happened?" the brunette's deep voice echoed in the small space. "*sigh* nothing happened," the silver-haired teen replied, stepping around the taller man, and heading for another sink. putting both hands on either side of the smaller teen, to prevent his escape, the brunette leaned down to whisper in his ear. "you really expect me to beleve nothing happened to make that cheek of yours nice and swollen?" the tensho stiffened. "no, but i have no reason to tell a total stranger anything, why do you care anyway!? just be like the rest of the student body that doesn't torture me, and ignore me!" the pale-haired teen nearly yelled. "if it helps any, my neam's bou kei. now i'm not a stranger, am i?" kei asked with a smirk. sakurai mearly frowned. "and i care, because if someone hurts another person for no good reason, they should be punished, especially at school. now, any more questions? or will you give me an answer?" 'god this guy's annoying,' "i did something stupid and got punched for it, alright?" another smirk came over kei's face. "then shy aren't your glasses broken? you knew it was going to happen, didn't you?" the purple-eyed student glared. " you're knew aren't you?" said teen asked, still glaring. "i've been here a few weeks, why? "ah," 'figures,' "if yiou're so curious, bou kei, go ask someone else, the bell's about to ring," with a sigh, kei startedto walk away. "oh, right, your name?" staring aggetatedly, sakurai answered. "tensho sakurai," with a curt nod, kei left. cupping water into his hand, the silver-haired male rinsed the blood brom his mouth. then a thought hit him. 'they had the same smirk..'

(alright, there's the hole prologue.. although i guess it's rlly more like the first ch. *shrugs* and don't get onto me for any spelling mistakes i may, or may not have made, i just typed it up, i didn't check spelling or anything-_-)

midnight: summary

story by: Kitsune Arya

summary: Walking home from a late night job, high school senior, tensho sakurai, happens to see one of his classmates doing something... strange. Bou kei, top student, and mr.tall-dark-and-handsome of bon high had been sucking a drunkman's blood. what happens when this apparent vampire finds out? wait and read the story to find out=P