Well, here is a world dedicated to one of the best bands out there, Arashi~~
They are really awesome and so they deserve a world all to themselves~
This is all about them and their dorkiness, but its adorkable cuteness that makes us love them soo much ^^
They are reall cute and addicting~~ Anyways, hope you will fall in love with them,just like what i did~~

~~they are pure love~~

ARASHI FOR DREAM~...and other stuff

Okay, i felt the need to brag about my trip to Taiwan...

Here goes nothin... >o<


I'm a happy little rascal XD

Oh, and there is also alot of DBSK, Shinee...etc here. Seems like SS501 is making a huge impact here though. It's on MTV here everyday!

I like SS501. They are pretty cool~~ >w<

why couldn't the MTV in America be like the one in Taiwan. They only play music videos here, unlike America...

I bought quite a few Arashi stuff here. I'll share it when i go back to America and have a scanner to show it to you all~

They had stickers, cups, mousepads, everything on Arashi, Shinee and DBSK!!
Too bad they were a little expensive...I wanted to buy them all, but my mother limited me to buying only a few things...T^T

There is also a poster store here that sells Japanese/Korean stuff...I'm gonna waste all my money there...-_-lll

One last thing...I'm sick of Onigiris...I've been having too much of it...

In other news, I also bought some dramas~
-Hana Kimi
-The Quiz Show

last 2...Arashi related! first one:Toma dorkyness...last one has serious Toma though >o<

Anime is so not interesting me here. All that runs in my head is Arashi! **

They have their CDs here too, but I haven't bought any yet...
I want their CDs really badly!! T^T

well, sorry for bragging...=+=lll
Its nice to let it all out here >A<

btw, for those who follow this...I'll add the other members info when I return back to America k >w<

i have alot to say about the others~ ^^


Profile: Ohno Satoshi

I figure its going to be his b-day soon (tomorrow, 26 Nov, whateva) might as well start with him don't you think ^^ well here goes nothing...again, i'm still struggling with this so bear with me...


Name: Ohno Satoshi
Nicknames: Ohno-kun,Leader,O-chan,Ohji-chan,Captain
Birthday: 26 November 1980
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Bloodtype: A
Birthplace: Tokyo
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 54 kg

Ohno is the leader of the group, as well as the oldest band member.(he don't look like it though...lol) Anyways, he is also the lead singer and does most of the songs that Arashi sing. At first he didn't want to debut in the entertainment realm, but did so anyways. He has a huge passion for art to the point of almost quitting Arashi. He recently also gained a passion for fishing. Although he is the leader, fellow band members agree he doesn't have any leadership qualities,BUT they also say that he has this special leading skill by not leading at all, and so they respect him for that. Ohno also likes to daydream alot and doesn't really like to talk much, but when he does, he normally talks about random things.

Fun Fact:
-Joined Johnny's in 1994
-He loves his mom very much.(how sweet ^^)
-Had his mom buy him clothes till he was 26! O_o
-Describe by fellow band members to be unbeliivable~~
-Won the title of leader after losing a jaken match with Sho...
-Tamori-san jokingly criticised Ohno for not having any sense!(poor o-chan)
-Likes Stage plays better than Dramas.
-Close friends with Nino-forming Ohmiya SK-->(Crack pairing...nonetheless cute)
-Known for being the best singer and dancer in Arashi.
-He has a fanboy...Chinen Yuuri from Hey!Say!Jump!
-He doesn't get scared easily, probably doesn't get scared at all...
-likes to immitate band members....good at them too...lol

...I think that is for now huh...i know too much about them...he he he...
So here is a pic of O-chan:

External Image

Ain't he cute and chibi looking... Kawaii ne! ^^

Well, that's it for now...btw, Happy Birthday O-Chan~~ We luv you lots~~

....well...enjoy?? =+=

And now, just a little bit of Ohno Fun~~

How he became leader...

Ohno performing his band members' dances...so cute~~

One of Arashi MC: Believe me, O-chan is cute at the end~~

And one of his solo songs: Take me Faraway (my fave solo from him^^)

That's it for now~~ later


Kuro-chan's Introduction

Yaho everyone, well, this is a world i decided to do dedicated to Arashi, cause its one of the greatest bands there is out there~~

My friends started bugging me, saying that if i'm soo obsessed with them, why don't I just create a blog for them, and thats how it started....

I'm still trying to figure out how to to work this thing, so don't expect it to be all that...yet ^///^

Well, thats it for now, i'll introduce this band to everyone later, and i promise you, once you see this band, you will adore them forever!! ^^