this is the world where my random drawings..
..and random events..
..and stuff that happens wid 'em,
...get to see the light of theO, man!..haha..

like stuff that i drew but haven't tweaked yet..ENJOY!

what I can do on a caffiene high...

Here's my new inspiration!:

He's KILIfrom the Hobbit movie...yeah, one look and I fell in love..haha..I had a weird urge to draw him while on a caffeine high, I must say, it's good..especially since my hands were shaking the whole time, plus this was the first time I did a drawing using only a pen...haha...

I should get on a caffeine high more often..haha..

deadline bust

ugh...i'm supposed to be mindful of deadlines, but...stress and depression got to me so, i'm just gonna post this here:

was gonna submit this for a challenge, but missed the deadline so....you know..anyway...gonna work on some new fan arts, because just finished watching Panty & Stocking, it's pretty effin hilarious, minus all the trash talk even..haha..or it's probably because of that, but anyway...haha..i'm thinking of making a partner for her, as per the challenge, but can't get the face quite right, or the personality...

Another download link: Colouring Challenge

I was told there might be a problem with the other download link so I posted the zip folder in 4shared..But you kinda need an account to download that ya'll..

so anyway, for those who'd like tah, download link is here..

Challenge link ^^

Yeah i'm a forgetful person, a big one, so i'm prosting the link here for the zip folder for the .sai files for the colouring challenge..

Download link

hope it works! *crosses fingers*..
if not, ya'll could always PM me your email add and i'll send it to ya..hehe..sounds like the easiest way there is..

Frost is coming

And yeah, back to me riding the fandom..hehe...he's the last I drew of the four, but he's the second to the last I will post on here, only cause I left my merida drawing at home..lol..so this here'll be Jack of House Stark

He was really hard to draw, only cause I don't know his personality and I have yet to watch Rise of the Guardians...hehe..But from what I've seen of his pics, he looks like a cool guy *no pun intended*...So, yeah not much to explain here, but to those who are not familiar with the starks all i'm tellin ya is: the stark words are Winter is Coming..so, winter=snow=frost=jack...you catchin' my drift here folks?..hehehe...any questions? suggestions? volcanic reactions? feel free to comment or PM me..Imm-a gonna be all-a ears!