Stories: Pet Projects ~ Cast Profiles

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Age: 19
Affiliation: L&F (Lost & Found)
Rank: Alpha (leader)
Species/Attributes: first-generation military-grade cat hybrid; above-average strength and reflexes, excellent balance, fangs and claws, heightened hearing and smell

Bio: A former member of the Eastside Mountain Lions, she used to be a hardened fighter. She let herself soften toward the young trainees in the gang, but one of them suddenly died. The loss – as well as the gang leader’s callous attitude about it – deeply affected Shay. When the Mountain Lions got into a messy fight with Tristan's gang, Tristan was left behind and Shay vouched to keep him as an errand boy, so she was assigned to look after him. As she got attached to him, Shay came to dislike the way her gang treated him; so, she took him and left.

Personality: Driven by her desire to be needed by her gang, Shay tried to numb her emotions and started off almost robotically cold. Over time, she grew into a big-hearted mama hen who picks up strays. Within the safety of the L&F’s home base, she's a big softy, showering affection on the members of her own gang. When there is danger of them coming into contact with another gang, though, she goes back to acting ice-cold. If anybody picks on her "family," the kid gloves are off.


  • Sweets & berries (having the two together in cake is even better)
  • kids
  • exploring new places


  • sad stories
  • lingering on the past
  • people picking on her fam

Misc. Info: While she was still with the Mountain Lions, she fought in an intense turf-battle and was injured, leaving her blind in her left eye.


Russet (Tristan)
Age: 16/17
Affiliation: L&F (Lost & Found)
Rank: Co-leader/second-in command
Species/Attributes: second-generation pet-grade hybrid with DNA from both dogs and cats; heightened hearing and smell, fangs

Bio: He was abandoned by his owners when he was young and was tossed from gang to gang until he finally landed up in Shay's gang as an errand boy. It took a while for Tristan to open up to Shay, but they eventually became like family.

Personality: Tristan has definite trust issues, especially where humans are concerned. He also struggles with his self-esteem because of being thrown away so many times. Because of both of those things, he doesn’t have a good handle on his own emotions and deals mostly in dry logic. He also tends to keep others at arm's length by deflecting with sarcasm. He’s had enough experience with humans and in different gangs to build up some street savvy, which he puts to good use as Shay’s second-in-command.


  • mimicry/imitating accents
  • puzzles and hidden-object games
  • collecting discarded items


  • humans
  • overpowering smells
  • medical facilities

Misc. Info: He has severe asthma and can’t fight or do heavy physical activities for long periods, so he’s basically the brains of the L&F.


Everett (Ev)
Age: 15
Affiliation: L&F (Lost & Found)
Rank: Member/Fighter
Species/Attributes: second-generation military-grade fox hybrid; above-average speed, heightened hearing and smell, fangs

Bio: Originally from a small stray colony in northern Harlein, Everett was working in a factory on the edge of town that employed hybrids for cheap labor. He got fed up with it and left, thinking he could make it on his own, and was woefully unprepared. He was jumped by a gang when he refused to join, and Shay rescued him.

Personality: Ev is a self-proclaimed tough guy who in actuality is a massive 'fraidy-cat. He likes getting praise – especially from pretty girls – and hates being told that he can't handle something. With a big ego and lots of energy, he can be a bit of a handful for Shay and the rest of the gang.


  • head pats (but won’t admit it)
  • running
  • impressing pretty girls


  • spiders
  • the dark
  • being treated like he’s incompetent

Misc. Info: Everett is completely color-blind.


Veli Loshaj
Age: 15
Affiliation: L&F (Lost & Found)
Rank: Member/Fighter
Species/Attributes: black-market pet-grade cat hybrid; heightened smell, vision and hearing, fangs

Bio: Veli was kidnaped from a refugee camp and spliced in an underground lab (mill). An employee snuck him out of there and gave him to his aging father. When the man died, Veli didn't have anywhere else to go and took to the streets. Overly trusting, he fell in with a shady gang. Shay pulled him out of there, even risking a fight with the gang.

Personality: Veli warms up to people fairly quickly. Open-minded and good-natured, it takes a lot to make him angry. He acts as the L&F's peace-maker.


  • being active
  • exploring the wooded areas outside the city
  • humans


  • fighting
  • vehicles
  • dogs (not dog hybrids)

Misc. Info: He speaks with a slight Slavic accent.


Avery Hall
Age: 15
Affiliation: L&F (Lost & Found)
Rank: Medic
Species/Attributes: 2nd-generation military-grade wolf hybrid; heightened vision, hearing and smell, fangs

Bio: Rescued from the purge by his mother, a doctor who participated in the splicing project at the mill. He lived in hiding with Dr. Hall in the neutral zone until the military tracked them down and attempted to take him. Avery escaped but had no idea how to survive on the streets. Veli found him in a back alley, sick and malnourished, and brought him to the L&F. Avery learned about treating minor injuries and illnesses from his mother and puts his skills to use as the L&F’s medic.

Personality: A creative problem-solver with a great memory for details, Avery gives 100% at everything he does. Though he works hard to be helpful, he's very particular and can get impatient and terse when stressed. He's also very direct in general and may come off as tactless.


  • listening to music
  • art (all different areas from culinary to visual)
  • science


  • when people move his things
  • dealing with small children for extended periods
  • thunderstorms

Misc. Info: Avery has autism with sensory modulation disorder