Konichiwa minna-san!...I hope you all like my world.It's not done yet, but it'll be awesome world if u share a litte bit of ur wonderful ideas.

It'll be very nice to see u all...

Hakouki warrior

YAAAAAAAAAAY! At last I've done watching Hakouki.
The story is reeeeeaaaally sad. I can't hold up my tears when watching them dying to protect the one they love...Owwwwhhh...It's really sad!
I really don't want them to die...
Well, at least Chizuru and Toshizou together at the end. They really a loving couple. It's wonderful watching them kissing at the end of the ep.
Anway, I hope you all watch Hakouki...

(To all Hakouki fans, I hope you all like this wallp)
Thank u and be happy always ok!


Who will u vote?!...
(a) Yuuki and Zero
(b) Yuuki and Kaname...

I will surely vote for (a) I love when they togetherQ So this is the picture...I hope many will vote for (a)


*Blushing* It really makes my heart 'doki doki' when I see Tamaki-kun like that...He's making me melting so easily when he playing the piano!... I hope I can play piano with him!... I love you Tamaki-kun!!!!

My guy

I looooooooove Ichigo-kun sooooooooo much He's really my guy


There are many hot and handsome guys in Hakouki Shinsengumi Kitan (HSK)...Owh! I reaaaaaaaaaaaaalllyy love them...They're strong, kind, funny, nice,.....(It's too many)...Heheh^ ^.. Anyway...here is the characters' name :

(Begin from the left)
1. Hajime Saitou
2. Souji Okita
3. Toshizou Hijikata
4. Sanosuke Harada
5. Toudou Heisuke
6. Shinpachi Nagakura
7. Keisuke Sannan