Chapter One.....
in this world there are many different kinds of people. In the world I was born in there are no regular “people” there are only creatures. I should probably introduce myself, I am Amber. I am a farie. Not fairy, farie. I'm going to tell you the difference. Fairy look like little children in small dresses. Farie are vicious creatures that manipulate people and steal their children. I try not to be like those farie though. I couldn't help but hear the others bragging about it though. My friend Heki says that they'll pay for it eventually. I wanted believe her but the thing is no one cares anymore.
“ I guess that it cant be helped” Annie said as she played with her food.
“ Well I wish it could” I said.
“ we cant make the rules, so just deal with it.” Heki said leaning back in her chair.
“can I make her trip?” Annie said changing the subject.
I should probably clear things up for you. Annie is a puppet master. She takes hold of people with her strings and controls everything they do. Heki is a reaper. You cant have just one reaper or the job wont ever get done.
“ Fine” I answered.
“where's Shurly?” Heki asked looking around.
“ Probably just late” I answered.
“ speaking of the devil” Annie said looking behind me.
Shurly was running down the hall, her red,curly hair, made it easy to spot her in the crowd. Everyone else looked so bland compared to her. Shurly is a uh.... well I don't really know. She has these wings that are on her ankles and she uses them to fly. Its hard to explain.
“ Amber, guess what.” Shurly said in her perky voice.
“ What?” I said not for me but so she could enjoy what ever it was.
“ theres this new guy in my physics class and he is a fine specimen”
“ as in...?”
“Hes hot”
“ I saw him in my algebra class. He is kinda cute” Annie put in.
“i think hes not too bad” Heki added.
“ Wait hold on a second” I said putting my hands up “you think hes 'not too bad'? I have to check him out then.” when Heki thinks a guy looks remotely hot theres a chance that hes drop dead gorgeous. Heki doesn't really care about looking for guys. She claims she has no time for that stuff.
“ Well I do know that he has our art class” Annie said.
“ and if it doesn't work out with this guy I'll still have Jake.”
“ Amber, Jake Gyllenhaal will never call you!” Annie told me for the millionth time.
Just as I was about to come back with something clever the bell rang for art.
“oh joy, my boredom begins.”
“ What makes you think he'll be boring?” Shurly asked.
“ he'll be like all the others, boring,and plain.”
“only if you look at it that way”. Heki said walking away.

So just my luck that Annie finds away to pair me up with the new guy.
This sucks.
“ hey I'm Amber” I said putting my books on the table.
“ I'm Danny” he said pushing the hair away from his deep blue eyes. I couldn't look away or even think of any thing to say so I started with the most common greeting.
“ so how about that weather.” I said.
“ uh...?”
“ sorry I'm not good at making small talk.”
“s'okay. I think I have an idea, how about we talk while we sketch each other”he said taking out a black book.
“ I'm all for it” I said opening my sketch book.
“ so lets start with you” he said pointing his pencil at me.
“ Whaddya mean?”
“ lets play twenty questions” he answered.
“ okay, whats your favorite color?”
“so in the hour that I talked to Danny I found out that his favorite color is green, his favorite food is mashed potatoes, he prefers the dark, he used to live in California-”
“ California?” Shurly interrupted.
“ Yes Shurly, California. Anyway, hes been drawing for ten years, hes lived with his mom because his dad is in jail-”
“ what did he do?”Annie asked.
“ I don't know”
“ Well even if he liked you, you couldn't be with him.” Heki said hugging her pillow.
“ Why couldn't she?” Shurly asked.
“ Simply put, Danny is human and Amber is fey.”
“ oh yeah.”
“ well its not like I like him anyway.”they looked at me skeptically.
“ What?” I asked innocently.

“So Danny how was your first day of school?” my mom asked as she scooped mashed potatoes onto my plate.
“ it was fine” I answered. Actually what I really wanted to say was that I had met the most amazing girl in the world,but that even sounded cheesy in my head. If my mom saw her she would pass Amber off for a freak because of her black hair rainbow and colored streaks. I hate how my mom wants my girlfriends to be strait A, preppy, stuck-up bitches. Every time I try to tell her that I don't like those types of girls she just ignores me. As I sat there listening to my mother talk about her day I had a sudden nicotine attack.
“mom can I borrow the car? I want to go to the store for some....”
I looked at the dinner assortment to see if there was an excuse to leave “ketchup”
“why” she asked.
“For my mashed potatoes” I answered her

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