You were just minding your own otaku business when you got knocked out...When you wake back up you were in a strangely familiar place.

Welcome to "Naruto:The Alternative Tale" Here you make your own otaku oc and they get transported to Konoha where they get to go on adventures along side the characters of Naruto themselves! Fun and drama is sure to follow. (This takes place around the chunnin exams)


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Me and Emi had talked and she told me the theory they had that it kind of had to do with FMA...It sounded likely but...

I looked over at Emi ready to ask another question but she had fallen asleep.

I started thinking about what Emi had said. Apparently her and her 3 friends were really powerful but they couldn't remember anything...I leaned back agents the tree.

So then did that mean I was a no one? Were other people stuck here? Sometime I must have fallen asleep too because Emi was shaking my shoulder.

"Wake up ChiChi!" She said. "Wha? Huh whats the rush?" I asked and got up and rubbed my eye. Emi pointed to where we had left Molly. She had been knocked out so we decided we would stay here until she woke up then go get May.

I sighed. "Grate. Well lets start looking."


>_<" Sorry got a little confused on where everyone was so sorry if this is wrong ^^;

Boredom can do A Lot!

Me and Haku walked around for a while then stopped. I looked down at my dog then up at the sky. "Okay if you can talk then maybe you can tell me how we got here?" I asked him. "Nope even I don't know that. I got knocked out too!" he told me. I sighed and hit my head on a wall. The wall broke or crumbled which ever. "EEPP!" I took off running. Haku was able to keep up with me surprisingly.

"Okay. New plan. We find Emi, May, and Molly then we find out what's going on!" I said. "We didn't have a plan in the first place, Chloe!" Haku grumbled, "Plus because you broke that wall we could of gotten in trouble with the ANBU!" "Sorry! I didn't know I had that much strength!" I said. It must of looked pretty weird. A brown haired girl arguing with a rottweiler pup. "Chloe!" someone called out my name. I twirled around and saw Molly. "Molly?" She walked over to me slowly. Swaying and she acted almost drunk. Before she nearly fell flat on her face I caught her.

"Why do you look like you got drunk and are now having a hangover?" I asked. She told me she woke up and she couldn't remember how she passed out and that some pulsed of energy or something like that had hit her. "Come on we're gonna find Emi and May then I got somethings to ask you guys," I said. She nodded and we started looking for them.




Opening my eyes, I found the moon staring back at me. Oh man, how long had I been out? I sat up slowly, the migraine thumping against my head. I couldn't remember what happened. Had someone hit me? No, it had been like a pulse of energy of some kind. Whatever it was was powerful.

Where are the others? I wondered. Surely, they were ok. Getting up, I took a few wobbly steps. I could barely walk. What kind of an attack was it, and who had done it? I couldn't even think straight; the headache was messing with my head. I needed to find the others, maybe they could help me. I wasn't safe in this state. I wouldn't be able to defend myself against an attacker.

I leaned against the trees as I headed in some random direction. I didn't even know if I was headed towards the village or away from it. All I knew was that I labored to move my legs.

I heard voices, or was it all in my head? No, it was definately real. I kept going, intent on finding out whom it was. I found Chloe and her little dog Haku. What were they doing here? How had they gotten here?

"Chloe!" I called out, surprised by how weak my voice was.

Chloe whirled around, "Molly?"

I slowly walked to her side, swaying from side to side. I'm sure Chloe thought I was drunk or something. Too bad that wasn't the case. It would certainly explain a lot.


Chloe's lost it

I'm gonna put how I wind up in the Naruto world and my character's profile in one post if that's okay? First off the Profile
Name: Chloe "Clever Clover" Hioni

Age: 14

Hair: brown with red tints when the sun hit it's just right

Eyes: chocolate brown almost like a puppy's

Other looks: short, really skinny, slightly tanned-peach colored, almost reminds people of a lost puppy, black heart shaped mark on both of her wrists

Fav.Character from Naruto: Kankuro

Personality: quiet, shy, can be loud when needs be, "music is my life along with Anime" type of person, hyper, usually calm. Never give her sugar O_o you'll understand why soon, almost always confused, clumsy very clumsy

Anything else: never seen without iPod, almost always wears black, has a rottweiler puppy named Haku following her, loves anime, manga, music, skateboarding. Has the nickname Sandstorm from her love of sandstorms. She's friends with almost everyone. She's been known to act like a puppy herself (has also been known to wear wolf ears sometimes XD)


I closed my phone from trying to call my friends for the hundredth time in one hour. I leaned over and scratched Haku's head.

"I wonder what happened to them Haku. Come on we're gonna go look for them," I hopped off my bed and slipped on my black boots. I grabbed my keys,my bag and a couple of other things. I ran down stairs and grabbed my skateboard. Haku followed me as always. we walked outside. I hopped on my skateboard and started looking for my missing friends. I found three bikes but no body was there. "Darn it. I hope they're okay," I said. Suddenly something hit me really hard and I fell of my skateboard hitting the ground hard.

When I woke up I wasn't in the same town I remembered. "God who gave me sugar because this looks like Konoha," I mumbled. I looked at Haku and saw that he was animated! WTF?!?!? I looked down at myself then pulled out a lighter I had grabbed from my house. (pyro issues) I looked at my reflection and I also looked animated. "Chloe? What happened?" I looked at Haku and he was talking?! "Holy fire starters! Haku your talking?!" I said. I put my hand to my neck and felt a cloth. I looked at it and I had a village headband on. I couldn't tell which village though, which sucked.

"If I'm right this might be from before the chunin exams so that means. Shoot! I got to find the others! I have a bad feeling Emi and them are here," I muttered.

Hope this was good

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She had a problem in the first post it's now fixed
So, i was walking around in the shadow of the night. I saw a poster or two here and there, so i took a kunai and slashed them. I don't want anyone else to know about it... Then an anbu member caught me by the arm... "Hey, you where the trouble-maker's friend were you not?"

Hoy cow, can't they go 10 minutes without getting in trouble with the anbu-blackops?" What are you talkiing about?"

"Nothing, nevermind, I must report you to the Hokage...Again."
I felt bad for the poor guy, he never wanted to be a policeman.

"Ah, so, we meet again young one. What is it this time?" The hokage said, he looked at me with susspicious eyes." I see that you are more trouble than I realized when we first met."

"Look, hokage-sama I mean no harm. I am apparently suffering from amnesia as are my friends, and I ddon't want to be a criminal."

"Our intensions and the reality can be two seperate things. Why should I trust you, you could assassinate me at any moment."

" I don't even know what I did, and don't you think if I would try to assassinate you I would've done it when we first met and you were alone with us?"

"Good point. But I can't rust you still. I mean, what's more suspicious than walking around at night and destroying your wanted posters?"

"I love the night and...I'm doing this to keep it away from someone I... Care about..." My face is pure red now. I feel so embarassed. "I think it best if he not know, he's a great guy and I don't want to lose him."

"If he truely loved you, it wouldn't matter now would it? And by the way, who is this guy?"

"I can't tell you sama you'll know who he is."

"I won't laugh if that's what you're worried about."

I gather my thoughts, take a deep breath, and calm down... But my face is redder than the blood of Gaara's victims. " It's Naruto Uzumaki..."

I fear he's going to suffer a heart attack, he's laughing so hard. "That touble-maker? What is it about him that you like? And I don't think that'll be a problem." He glances about the anbu still in the room and sends him out. YAY another secret! "He is a jinchuriki, he should know what it's like to live an evil thought. But stealing secret scrolls... Oh" he re-reads the poster "I mean, in your case, putting make-up on the Kazekage is pretty big."

"I did WHAT now? Oh, sorry Hokage-sama, I just can't see myself doing something so rude and mischevious. And I like the way he warms me up, he's special, I just don't know how. And he can't be a worse jinchuriki than I know, the one I know has shed the blood and tears of many."

"Well, I still need you to be kept an eye on, if you don't run away. I'll let you off easy, and you can stay in the anbu headquarters for now, sort of an arrest. Only with better guards."

I nodded, I talked too much. I did that only to defend myself. I woundered if he had seen the poster? What would he do?

"Good, now I'll have you be on your way." And with that I was walked out to the headquarters like a 5 year old crossing the street. These guys are definately taller than 4'11.5".