Hello and welcome to my odd life in this big world that alternates from average to thrilling, good to bad, sad to happy ect. I will be posting things about my daily life, I will also post poetry I write and create some links to that. perhaps I'll post some music videos or spice things up with vocaloids. Each day is different and even I dont know what I'll do or what will come my way. But to the bigger point, Welcome to my wonderland, Im pleased you find me so interesting could join me in my random crazed place on the internet. To start us off how about some stuff about me.

Name: Mia (my last name's not important)
Gender: was it not ovious that I'm a girl?
Location: Somewhere in northern California

personality and traits I have: I am shy around people I don't know and have dificulty expressing myself to others. I am quite opinionated but am open minded and have no trouble listening to another side of an argument. People closer to me know that I am a fan of sarcasm an am quite sociable. I am very nice to eveyone who is not a total jerk.

What I believe: I believe every one is entitled to their own opinion. It is wrong to force someone to think otherwise or degrade them for it. You all are free to discuss with me and others about various topics but please don't degrade other people or their work. It will spoil the tea party...

Favorite animes: Ouran high school host club, Fruits basket, Kaichou wa maid sama, Nabari no ou, Mythical detective loki ragnarok, Black butler, Inu x boku, vampire knight, kobato, Code geass, Blue exorcist, Sugar sugar rune, Princess jellyfish, school rumble, pandora hearts, Psycho Pass. (Theres a lot more but I can't remember x_x)

Absolute favorite manga: Kamisama Hajimemashita, Faster than a kiss,charming junkie, sugar sugar rune, Akatsuki no Yona, Kubera (I have read so much its not even funny XD)

Favorite games: Tales of symphonia(1 and 2), Tales of Graces f,Tales of Xillia 2, Final fantasy series, Kingdom heart series, God of war series,rune factory series,The legend of Zelda games, Pokemon and Mario games. (I'm a big fan of role playing games!)

People on the O I know personally:ZelostheGreat (best friend) Rosiechan(sister)

Instruments: I play flute piano and Violin!

Hobbies: Well I'm an otaku... I love reading and swimming too! I hope to major in videogame design and programing.

I'm always up for chatting, and it would be great if you commented, I'm not a fan of talking to just myself.

What I like/want now.



What Flies Away~

Wow It has been around two years since I posted anything in my world. I was 15 for two years XD. Well I have been surfing around just not posting sorry if you missed me! I'll work on posting more Things have been busy with College applications, and school work is racking up, but the future looks bright! Hopefully Ill have more time during the end of the month~

Those vocaloid riddles that you cant wrap your mind around.

Hey everyone! I'm here at home with a cold so I thought I would post some vocaloid songs. With riddles in tack.

And our favorite people who either can't or won't solve these riddles!

Enjoy your cup of tea!


It's monday! I'm ready for another sleep deprived week, bring it on!
As tired as I am with my great six hours a day stack of homework, I want to make more of an effort to post at least twice a week if not every day.

So video of the day! It another neat video for the day! Or at least a couple.

This first video was place a few days ago, its the song Call Me Maybe composed for band and choir. I found it entertaining that THAT son was being preformed but hey, check it out.

The next video is just the theme from one of my favorite movies, Howl's Moving Castle. If you have not seen it, I highly recommend it.


Well this is a band that I absolutely love!

This song is Resistance.
If you have ever read 1984 by George Orwell... you might like this. The song was literally based of this book

This is the first song I heard from their band. Fell in love instantly.
Its called Uprising.

This one is called Time is Running Out,

I hope you enjoyed them as much as I do!

I hate being busy...

~ Sorry for not keeping to my goal of posting every day. I have way too much homework, causing me to pull my hair off. So I'll try to keep updating but things happen so you can blame my pre calculus class for that

Hows things going for you guys?

Randomz for the day!

Its possible to play the end... XD
hah bet Allen could pull it off.