Hi there,

I'm sorry if I haven't responded to comments and things like that but I haven't been on in the longest time. ^^;

So thank you for your comments and the birthday wishes. ^^

I hoping to be able to update my Art Gallery in the near future.

Thanks for your support. :D

Doodles and WIPs 4/2/2011

I don't post here that often (Now my blog's a different story) but I thought I might post this
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Well technically this is just some doodles, but out of these doodles I ended up drawing up a new fanart yesterday. As you can see this is raw and unedited (except for the stamp).

I hope to finish up my latest fan art by the end of next week deepening on what life throws at me.

So I guess you could call this a preview on an upcoming fanart.

Hope you all like it so far.

Art By: AJV (me)

Characters that are not mine are owned by their respective owners.

My Blog

Hi guys, If you don't see me around here and wonder what I'm up to, come over to my blog at which is all ready for Valentine's Day. Do any over you have a blog on blogger or blogspot? I'd like to check yours out too.

Help! I Can't Post Comments!

HELP! I need somebody!
HELP! Not just anybody!
HELP! You know I need someone,Help!

...Ok enough with the singing! (can you guess where the lyrics are from?)

Anyway for some reason I have been unable to post comments because the box that pops ups won't let to the part where is says "post" any tried changing the size and everything!
Here's what I mean:
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So um...Please Help.

Thank you all.