*slowly peeks out a door* :<

i feel that i need to connect more on this site. but gosh how i hate writing (doesn't even do school essays) xDD

i dedicated this world to express my interests (which isnt very expanded).
internet, drawing, anythingrelatedanimeormanga. that about sums it up my life 8D

name: Sanisha. dear god i have so many nicknames its not even funny (sani, ne-ne, nisha, sunny, san-san...). you can call me whatever you want.

age: 18

blood type: i have no idea

location: Delaware

race: black

favorite food: coconut shrimp *stomache guurgle* D8

to be continued (cuz school is over now) xD

Attention all Kannazuki No Miko fans! :D

the author who brought you Kannazuki No Miko has just released a sequal called
"ZETTAI SHOUJO SEIIKI AMNESIAN" the first chapter was uploaded last week on MANGAFOX.com. i think i'm in heaven <33

...this calls for some srs yuri fanart


ready to cry?

Deep Love series is srs bsns!!! OMFG. i usually dont cry reading my manga but this one had me choking. i felt like such a loser because the whole time my dorm mates were staring at me like "ish she really crying over cartoons"? (well they suck. what do they know lol)

if you are into drama and tradgedy i strongly suggest you read the Deep Love series. and if you know any good ones please let me know :DD

READ PAO'S STORY FIRST!! its what hooked me xD
Deep Love - Pao no Monogatari

and the rest go in this order...
Deep Love - Ayu no Monogatari
Deep Love - Host
Deep Love - Reina no Unmei

Tetris Attack

best game EVER!!! i had it as a baby for super nintendo but it broke a long time ago. recently i found out that a girl down the street from me has the game!! so das how i spent $20 on a super nintendo game

i keep wishing that they'd come out with tetris attack on the wii channel. i already bought "pokemon puzzle challenge" but the feeling isnt nearly the same. the gameplay is but the characters+music=fail.



FFFFFFF!! i am so angry!! clannad is coming to the US with only english subtitles. i waited for this anime's dub for about a year and now i know its never going to come -sooooob-

....i dont think i'm gonna buy it now. so much for my KEY collection. xD

Maria Holic

this anime looks very promising. probably to best of the season. its by the same team that made Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. its fairly new so Media Factory is attempting to protect by deleting any videos on youtube. they will get tired soon 8D

Maria Holic revolves around a high school girl, Kanako Miyamae, who is scared of boys and breaks out in rash if a boy touches her. During her second year of high school, she enrolls in an all-girls school hoping to find a female romantic partner. However, her ideal candidate, Mariya Shidō, turns out to be a crossdressing boy (the blond haired one is the boy)