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Dedicated to fellow Potterhead SaxGirl~

Woop, another Harry Potter wallpaper, and this one isn't in a depressing shade of brown like the last one - this time it's in depressing gray, lol. I kept the color scheme close to the Slytherin colors, silver/gray and green.

Couldn't help but want to make something like this when I saw this amazing shot of Tom Riddle (I'd sit through the mostly-cheese-fest of HP2 just to see him again, unf!). The snake was taken from this shot. Everything's vectored, including the small scraps that fly out of the green rays.

Yea, those are supposed to be rays. This is based on Voldie's pre-Voldie persona, Tom Cruplud/Riddle. Did the whole alternate dark snakey persona thing, then added a ribbon with his signature curse, Avada Kedavra (he seems ro use it all the time lol) and the rays are supposed to be the energy blasts from that curse. The shield's there because Hogwarts had always been an important place for Tom - like Harry, it was probably the first place he could actually call "home".

Screecaps by me: sexy, room actually looks kinda awesome
Parchment/ribbon: Shutter Stock
Hogwarts seal: Oniwanbashu

Note: the screencaps were 1920x800 initially but crappy!Photobucket resized it, of course.

That's about it, thanks for the views, faves and/or downloads! :D

Harry Potter Wallpapers
hogwarts, snake, tom riddle, vector art, voldemort
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