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Tokyo Mew Mew Render
Rainbow Background
Strawberry Texture
Heart Bokeh
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This is my entry for Zombieusagi's The Beauty Of Bright Colors wallpaper challenge.
To be honest I wasn't exactly happy with my other entry. The main reason is this, the quality of the render I used was too low for the wallpaper and it just made the wallpaper look terrible(in my opinion). I prefer high quality renders,scan,vectors,textures to use in my wallpapers. So I redid my wallpaper and found a better render of the Mew Mews. I'm much happier with this one and also the rainbow background stands out more. I also blended a strawberry texture with the rainbow and it had a pleasant effect. A lot of Tokyo Mew Mew art features strawberries. Here is an example. So I decided to feature strawberries in my background. I like the effect they have. Also used a heart bokeh to give it a magical feel.
I've liked Tokyo Mew Mew ever since middle school. My friend Alyssa got me started on reading the manga. I've read the manga several times over the years. I just recently reread them all not too long ago. I wish Berry and Ringo were featured in the anime version. I love those two characters so much. Especially Ringo. But I love this series. It's been apart of my childhood for as long as I can remember. I still have yet to watch the anime version. I hope it is good. The manga is excellant and the artwork is so cute. Mia Ikumi is an excellant artist.
Dedicated to Hana Ishida for being a truly epic friend and for always being there for me. I'm sorry I delelted the other one but I wasn't happy with it. So I'm dedicating this one to you as well. Thank you for being an awesome friend Ishi. Judai Loves You~


Tokyo Mew Mew Wallpapers
ichigo, lettuce, mint, pudding, tokyo mew mew, zakuro
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The beauty of bright colours

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