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I recommend the wide resolution, I had to crop a part of the wall to made the standard one, but I must admit it doesn't look bad, so I'm not pissed as usual.

I'll dedicate it to Latte because it's been a long time since I dedicated something and it's her challenge that made me stop procrastinating and do something hard worked in PS.

Made this out of pure love for crazy colors and typography. The main idea of the wall is self representation. Not mine to be honest, maybe just the Crazy Pop part, he's totally listening to Lady Gaga XD

The text is for the most part unreadable so I'll explain it. On each TV set I picked lyrics of a song that fitted its description (for example Eskobar - Love Strikes for the turquoise 'when love strikes back' TV), I had to crowd the text together in order to make a more solid shading. And the text in the background, I remember it, some random sentence I thought (nothing too philosophical): "If my life was on TV I'd choose the 'Me' channel, but I think I said it does not exist." Doesn't make much sense, eh?

Enjoy, I tried to break the overall style of the latest beautifully serious walls, hope I made it even if a bit. Feel the summer citrusy colors, folks! XD

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