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Cat Nap
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This is for Kei's CHACK contest. She announced it a little while ago but most of the ideas I had weren't very doable. However recently she updated the cover of the comic and my first thought upon seeing the poster: "Make like a Cat and Nap" is I'd so put that on my wall if there was one.

The more I thought about that more I started thinking, I should totally make a wallpaper based on that poster in the comic. It's nothing like the original idea but once I found this scan: image I knew I had to do it. x3 It's just so perfect for it.

So I extracted it and then made some clouds using the custom shape tool. I wanted them to have very clear lines and I'm not much of a drawer via the mouse. XD Then after trying some textures I stuck with one very light one and a blue background to mimic a sky.

Then some stroke outlining since I wanted things to pop a little, including the saying since straight black on white just seemed a bit dull to me. A hint of brushes and it's done.

For a simple idea it took several hours to finally put together. I had a lot of fun making it though. And, I really like how it turned out. Oh and be sure to check widescreen since the preview is of the cut off version.

Dedicated to Kei of course. Enjoy! ^_^

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