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My entry for the Seriously Cool! challenge!

Name: Insane Black Rock Shooter

Is presumed to be another form of Black Rock Shooter. She does not appear in the OVA. She first appeared on huke's blog and his pixiv account. Compared to Black★Rock Shooter, Insane Black Rock Shooter has purple eyes and has a flame of the same color emerging from her left eye. Her outfit turns into black armor, covering her chest, left arm and legs. Her jacket becomes a torn black cape and her entire right arm becomes a large blade. Though her hairstyle stays the same, she acquires a black crown-like object with a white cross design which wraps around her longer lock of hair. A few chains wrap around her hair and on her waist.

And that's why she's my pick for this challenge she's not only look cool, serious and darky, she's pure badassness o3o

Insane Black Rock Shooter belongs to Huke
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