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Gintoki's Pet Puzzle
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Hey! Me too, I like white-haired guys like lord Sesshoumaru and Zero Kiryu. Oh! They are so appealing to me.

Though I have so many crushes, (almost white haired) I chose Gintoki Sakata of Gintama. I noticed how lucky I am to be the only one who used him in this challenge. Bwahaha! He's mine! *devil's grin

As you can see the original image, I changed a bit the colors by adjusting the "Photo Filter". I didn't use brushes here or textures. In order to create a puzzle effect, I first download a "jigsaw puzzle pattern" in Google then open it to Adobe Photoshop CS2, then I saved it again as "Photoshop PSD". Then I go to the "Filter", click the "Texture" then "Texturizer". A window will open. Find the "Load Texture" then adjust the "scaling" and "relief" base on your type. Well, it's quite hard to create this so you need much time like I did. To achieve the puzzle pieces I used "Lasso Tool" instead of "Pen Tool". It was much easier for me eh. ^-^ Yeah! I used the Lasso Tool here in all edges. Whew! I'm so glad that I was able to submit my entry before the deadline ends.
How I wish I could win in this challenge. Hohoho!

To Hanawa:
Am so sorry if I can't respond to your message these days. I'll make it up to you once I have a free time again to go online. I hope I could make you happy at least for now. Have a nice and wonderful day, Hana!

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