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So basically this is my "I have no idea what in the blazes I'm doing, but I'm going to go right on doing it" wallpaper. =P
Anyway, I wanted to enter in the Bamboo Blade contest. The winner would win a Bamboo Blade boxset, so I figured "why not? I'm not half bad!" Boy, was I wrong; you see, this was my attempt at a "cutesy" wallpaper. . .I don't know where I went wrong. T_T


The image I got was this one: http://www.animepaper.net/gallery/scans/Bamboo-Blade/item156864/ (which I think is absolutely adorable! (n_n) )
It took me a bit, but I finally extracted it from the cumbersome background. Now all I had to do was come up with a background cute enough to do the image justice! Easy, right . . .? Okay, maybe not so easy. After spending hours agonizing what to do, I tried the old 'fill it up with pretty brushes' trick; which sort of worked, but I was still missing something! "What can I do?" I asked myself. Then I found the answer: TEXTURIZE IT!
Hah. Some answer. It turned out that none of the textures I liked would fit the darned thing! Then a really smart *::*heavy sarcasm*::* idea came to me: Why don't I just splice them all together?! Good answer! Not. It looked way too dark and moody for such a cute girl.
"Heck, why don't I give her some cute wings and fluffy white brushes? That oughta do the trick!"
Okay, well that kinda worked. I mean, I do like the wings. >>;;
Annnnnnnnnnnyway, that's my lame description, basically, I'd just like to know what I can do to make it better, because I know it needs a lot of work.

Yeah, I know, just add a little fail sauce, and it'll crap-a-licious

Bamboo Blade Wallpapers
, bamboo blade, driffter, fail, grunge, tamaki kawazoe
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