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Well...yes, another Arslan wallpaper. :3 This time though, it's dark!!! And kinda grungy! It's not like my last one, which was really light...too light and minty for my tastes. XD Oh, Madarame, I promise that my next wallpaper will be your requested one, ok??

*copies and pastes huge-arse AP description I wrote*

Here's to creating the one and only...I mean, second and only Arslan wallpaper! Yay! I spelled his name "Arslan", though sometimes it's spelled "Arislan", which I actually like better. Anyhoo, this wallpaper was pretty fun to make think I wanted to attempt to vector this scan!! O__o Which I obviously didn't...instead, I made a good old fashioned texture-y wallpaper, in my usual style. The original scan was found here:

I hope I didn't "ruin" the scan like I sort of did the last time...this time, I wanted a dark, slightly grungy, texture wallpaper, and this is what I ended up with. It reminded me of an old painting or...something, at first.

Anyhoo, first thing's first, I extracted the scan. That wasn't too bad. Then came the background, which was really an uphill battle! I had no clue what I wanted to do...and it really changed colors a lot. So instead of struggling with choosing ONE color, it is now a rainbow of different hues: green, yellow/orange, and purple. All (I think) complimentary colors? Something like that! But yeah, the bg was all brushwork, and same with the texture I created to overlay on the Arslan scan. All brushwork and default photoshop textures.

Oh, and in the back I wrote some text that sort of matches can't really see it anymore since I faded it, but it said, "I am the king. I always will be, whether they think so or not. Obey my every word and the flowers will blossom every spring, and the snow will fall every winter. God chose me; my people chose me." Ok, maybe it doesn't fit was more inspired by my history class today. XD

I guess that's all I have to say...other than this took a lot LONGER than I had initially expected. Try over 2 hours?? I don't know why, but hey, I think it's worth it. :3 I hope I get more positive feedback on this one. Enjoy!

Heroic Legend of Arslan Wallpapers
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